Tree pruning

Need a qualified professional to prune, remove a stump or fell a tree? Book your Ajusto specialist in just a few clicks! He'll only start pruning your trees, hedges and shrubs once the estimate has been accepted. That way there will be no unpleasant surprises on the final invoice.
Tree pruning

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Pruning by a qualified professional

Pruning by a qualified professional

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Pruning work must be carried out cleanly and safely. Certain branches need to be cut or pruned to direct or limit their growth. Call on an Ajusto tree trimmer to reduce the crown of a tree, carry out gentle or severe pruning or trim your hedges. Whatever your needs, our qualified and certified specialists will carry out your pruning work cleanly and safely. They will remove your green waste so that you can enjoy your garden to the full.

Our parks and gardens gardener will come to your home on the day and at the time of your choosing. He'll create an estimate based on the work to be done: number of trees to be pruned, tree height, hedge size, waste disposal, accessibility, etc. Your tree pruner may need to climb the tree. Rest assured that he will take all the necessary precautions and has the necessary insurance to cover him in the event of an accident. He takes care of your trees, but he also takes care of himself. He will only start pruning your trees, hedges and shrubs once the estimate has been accepted. That way there will be no unpleasant surprises on the final invoice.

Of course, our professional gardeners do much more than just cut down trees. They can also prune your trees, shrubs or hedges or remove stumps. They're also on hand to maintain your green spaces: clearing undergrowth, trimming, felling, shredding, creating flowerbeds or green spaces, planting flowers, trees or shrubs, maintenance, pruning, laying a new lawn in semi or rolled form, removing waste, etc. Our landscape gardeners have all the equipment they need to maintain gardens and green spaces: hedge trimmers, chainsaws, stump grinders, shredders, cherry pickers, harnesses, etc.

Want to spruce up your outdoors for spring?

Your Ajusto Pro can give you a tailor-made estimate for cleaning your facade, terrace, cornices and gutters.

We're also here to meet your needs when it comes to landscaping: installing lighting in your garden, building a garden shed, repairing or replacing your fences.

Whatever you're planning to do to make your outdoors a little piece of paradise, you can be sure that Ajusto has the right Pro for all your outdoor work.

Pruning to the highest standards

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Tree pruning is a very important technique for the health and aesthetics of plants. It involves cutting away dead, diseased or broken branches from a tree or shrub. It also helps maintain the shape and growth of trees and protect them from disease.

Tree pruning must be carried out by experienced professionals, such as tree climbers, arborists or companies specialising in pruning and felling. These specialists have the necessary pruning equipment, such as chainsaws, saws, pruners, shredders, brush cutters and personal protective equipment.

Pruning must be carried out in accordance with the rules of the trade and current safety standards, particularly as regards respect for the environment and the preservation of biodiversity. It is essential to take into account the type of tree, its size, the presence of other trees and landscapes, the presence of bird nests, processionary caterpillars and other parasites.

Integrated pruning is recommended for ornamental trees, fruit trees and shade trees. This method involves pruning trees in such a way as to encourage their growth and flowering, while preserving their appearance and health. It also reduces the risk of large branches falling and ensures that trees remain resistant to bad weather.

On the other hand, severe or drastic pruning is a method to be avoided, as it can weaken trees and cause major wounds. This method involves cutting branches excessively, which can lead to sap retention, difficult healing and disorganised tree growth.

In short, tree pruning is essential to maintain the health and aesthetics of your plants, but it must be carried out by experienced professionals, in compliance with safety standards and the rules of the trade, while preserving the environment and green spaces.

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Tree pruning

The tree pruner was very professional, efficient and informative. Thank you


Famille Heureux

Tree pruning

The professional who came to prune my walnut tree was very friendly. He also agreed to prune my two box trees, very kind.



Tree pruning

A pruner who respects the garden and above all listens to the customer's wishes! More than satisfied with his work!



Tree pruning

Thanks to Ajusto for making up for the disastrous work of another hedge trimmer. I'm very happy with the worker you sent me.



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