Stump removal

Need a qualified professional to remove a stump? Stump removal, tree pruning, pruning and felling work on your green spaces. Book your Ajusto specialist in just a few clicks! A stump in the middle of a garden can be unsightly, but above all it prevents the lawn or plants from growing. Our specialists will remove the stumps from your garden quickly and efficiently using their special stump removal equipment. Once the job is done, you can easily replant or put in a new lawn. Our gardeners will destroy your stumps without causing too much damage to your lawn. Our specialists' know-how and experience guarantee you competitive prices while advising you on the best solutions. Stump removal involves removing the stump of a tree from its middle to a depth of around 30 centimetres. This then allows the green space to be redeveloped: lawn, planting or other.
stump removal

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Stump removal remove stumps

Stump removal for trees

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If you need to call in a specialist company for safe stump removal work, our team of experienced professionals is here to help. We offer a wide range of services, such as tree felling, tree pruning, tree trimming, stump grinding, tree removal and green space maintenance.

We use state-of-the-art equipment such as stump trimmers, mechanical shovels, mini-excavators, tractors and winches to ensure that our work is both high-quality and environmentally friendly. We are committed to complying with safety standards and the rules of the trade to avoid any damage to the foundations and surrounding equipment.

Our specialisation in stump removal means we can work on all types of tree, including fruit trees and shrubs. We can uproot, uproot, trim, plane and devitalise tree stumps, while disposing of the waste in an environmentally-friendly way with wood chips for compost or firewood.

We are equipped to work in hard-to-reach areas and on dangerous trees. We use protective equipment to ensure the safety of our team and your property.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any stump removal or green space maintenance requirements. We're here to offer you high-quality, meticulous work that respects the environment.

Stump removal by a qualified professional

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Our team of lumberjacks and tree pruners are trained to care for trees and keep them healthy. We use tree pruning and trimming techniques to avoid wounds and root wounds that could damage trees and make them more vulnerable to disease and pests.

We also offer tree-cutting and undergrowth clearance services for landscaping and flowerbeds. We are equipped to cut branches, clear undergrowth, level out and dig up soil for landscaping.

We specialise in felling trees, particularly dangerous trees or those that interfere with other trees and landscaping. We carry out reasoned felling to avoid trees falling on foundations and surrounding equipment. We can also process felled trees into firewood or wood chips for compost.

Our company complies with safety standards and good practice in terms of stump removal and maintenance of green spaces. We are at your disposal to meet all your requirements and provide you with high-quality, meticulous and environmentally-friendly work. Contact us now for a free estimate.

Stump removal by a qualified professional
stump removal gardener

Pruning, stump removal, cleaning or landscaping

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Of course, our professional gardeners do much more than stump removals. They can also prune your trees, shrubs or hedges or tree felling. They're also on hand to maintain your green spaces: clearing undergrowth, trimming, felling, shredding, creating flowerbeds or green spaces, planting flowers, trees or shrubs, maintenance, pruning, laying a new lawn in semi or rolled form, removing rubbish, etc. Our landscape gardeners have all the equipment they need to maintain gardens and green spaces: hedge trimmers, chainsaws, stump grinders, shredders, cherry pickers, harnesses, etc.

Want to spruce up your outdoors for spring?

Your Ajusto Pro can give you a tailor-made estimate for cleaning your facade, terrace, cornices and gutters.

We're also here to meet your needs when it comes to landscaping: installing lighting in your garden, building a garden shed, repairing or replacing your fences.

Whatever you're planning to do to make your outdoors a little piece of paradise, you can be sure that Ajusto has the right Pro for all your outdoor work.

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Stump removal

Thank you for your work in my garden. I will contact you again for other projects.



Stump removal

Thank you to Bernard d'Ajusto for answering my questions. It was easy for me to make an appointment to have the stumps removed. The work was done properly. Thank you very much.



Stump removal

Quick to remove stumps after felling, smiling and helpful team, I would recommend these gentlemen and the Ajusto service.



Stump removal

My stumps were removed quickly and cleanly. The hole was filled immediately, thank you for the service.



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