Tree felling

Perhaps a tree in your garden is old or diseased and needs to be felled. Do you want to get rid of a tree that is taking light from your garden? In some cases, you need prior authorisation to fell the tree. So check with your local authority before doing anything. Felling a tree is no mean feat. It always requires someone who is experienced, qualified and who works in complete safety. Our Ajusto specialist tree trimmers and gardeners are equipped with quality materials and will cut down a tree in one go, or slice by slice if necessary. They will take care of removing the waste and/or chopping it up for firewood.
tree felling

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Felling a tree in complete safety

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Felling a tree is a delicate operation that requires specific skills and techniques if it is to be carried out safely. Falling trees can be very dangerous, especially if they are near buildings, high-voltage lines or traffic routes.

That's why it's important to call in a company that specialises in tree felling. Experienced lumberjacks and tree-climbers have the personal protective equipment they need to work safely at heights of several metres.

Before felling a tree, it is important to carry out an accurate assessment of the tree's height, circumference, the presence of any pests or diseases, and its direction of fall. Tree felling techniques vary depending on the type of tree, whether it's a coniferous, deciduous, fruit tree or shrub.

Once the tree has been felled, the cutting and bucking work can begin. The cuts must be made carefully to avoid leaving wounds on the trunk or branches of the felled tree. Branches must be cut cleanly, without damaging the bark, to facilitate healing.

Finally, green waste must be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. Wood chips can be used as mulch or for heating, and stumps can be trimmed to make it easier to redevelop the green space.

If you want to cut down one or more trees in your garden, it's important to comply with current safety standards and apply for the necessary authorisation. A prior declaration or certificate of authorisation may be required, especially if the tree is located in a protected area or near high-voltage power lines.

In short, tree felling is a complex operation that should be entrusted to qualified professionals to avoid any danger to you and your neighbours. Call on an experienced tree felling company for felling and dismantling work that is carried out according to the rules of the trade and respects the environment.

Tree felling by a qualified professional

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If you're looking for a company specialising in tree felling, we're here to help. We offer comprehensive services for all types of tree, whether they are dangerous, diseased or simply in the way of your green space. Our experienced team of lumberjacks, climbers and dismantlers have the skills to fell trees safely, whatever their height or circumference.

We use the latest tree felling techniques to ensure that our work is neat and environmentally friendly. We're equipped with all the machinery needed to cut trees into sections and dispose of them as wood chips or dead wood. We can also trim stumps, dispose of green waste and redevelop your green space.

Our company complies with all current safety standards, and we can help you with your applications for planning permission or prior declaration. We can also work near high-voltage power lines or other sensitive areas, using the necessary personal protective equipment.

We take care of all types of trees, including conifers, broadleaves, fruit trees and even plane trees. We can also replant trees if necessary, to maintain the vegetation and respect the environment.

Call on our tree felling company for all your tree-felling needs, whether you want to cut down a tree in your garden, fell trees in a green space or in the neighbourhood, or fell a dangerous tree. We're here to help you every step of the way, complying with all the rules of the trade and safety standards. Contact us now for a tree felling estimate.

Tree felling by a qualified professional
tree felling pruning, stump removal

Felling a tree, but also pruning, stump removal or landscaping

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Of course, our professional gardeners do much more than just cut down trees. They can also prune your trees, shrubs or hedges or remove stumps. They are also on hand to maintain your green spaces: clearing undergrowth, trimming, felling, shredding, creating flowerbeds or green spaces, planting flowers, trees or shrubs, maintenance, pruning, laying a new lawn in semi or rolled form, removing waste, etc. Our landscape gardeners have all the equipment they need to maintain gardens and green spaces: hedge trimmers, chainsaws, stump grinders, shredders, cherry pickers, harnesses, etc.

Want to spruce up your outdoors for spring?

Your Ajusto Pro can give you a tailor-made estimate for cleaning your facade, terrace, cornices and gutters.

We're also here to meet your needs when it comes to landscaping: installing lighting in your garden, building a garden shed, repairing or replacing your fences.

Whatever you're planning to do to make your outdoors a little piece of paradise, you can be sure that Ajusto has the right Pro for all your works outside the house.

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Tree felling

Great experience with you! Your site is easy to use and the customer care you provide is spot on! Well done!



Tree felling

I'd like to thank the Pros who came to cut down my trees. They didn't waste any time, unlike others who want to increase their bill! I highly recommend them.



Tree felling

5 stars amply deserved for the huge tree that was felled on my land. I was a bit nervous because the work was so risky, but the workers put my mind at rest. Thank you very much.



Tree felling

Very clean felling and removal. Thank you to your team for providing such excellent follow-up.



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