A plumber is specialised in installing, repairing, unblocking and maintaining your plumbing, water pipes and sanitaryware in general. He can help with repairs to pipes, taps, fittings, water heaters, leaks, flushing problems, water damage, leak detection, etc.

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A plumber is a professional who specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of plumbing systems. The plumbing trade requires a high degree of technical expertise and a thorough knowledge of building and safety codes. Certified plumbers work with a variety of materials, such as copper, PVC, iron and steel, to install pipes, faucets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets.

To identify a qualified plumber, it's important to check that the company is financially healthy and properly insured. In addition, it's best to ask for references or use an intermediary platform such as Ajusto if you have any problems. A good, experienced plumber should give you a precise estimate before the work is carried out and a guarantee on the work done.

Types of plumbing work


This includes the installation by an expert plumber of all the elements required for the distribution of water and the evacuation of waste water in a building.


This involves repairs by a professional plumber to faulty or damaged plumbing equipment, such as pipes, taps, toilets, etc.


This involves the plumber clearing the blocked pipe to allow the water to flow properly.

Humidity or leak detection

The plumber will locate the sources of damp or water leaks in a structure.

Repairing water leak

The plumber will prevent water leaks by repairing the pipes, taps, joints, etc. that are the source of the problem.

Installation of a water softener

This involves the installation by a qualified plumber of a system that treats hard water to make it softer and more pleasant to use.

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An Ajusto plumber for your work

For all your plumbing work and repairs, call on a qualified plumber-heater. Whether it's for a sanitary installation, renovating your bathroom, or repairing your pipes and toilet flushes, our plumbers are here to help.

We specialise in sanitary installations such as baths, sinks and washbasins, as well as renovation work. Contact us now for your plumbing problems and we'll get to work quickly to solve all your problems.

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