Humidity or leak detection

Locate the exact location and nature of your water leak without unnecessary destruction. €499 for the moisture or leak detection survey, including report.
Humidity or leak detection

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Humidity or leak detection

€ 499 (including 21% VAT) for the report.

If the leak is behind your wall, the source can often be detected by measuring the relative humidity at different points on the wall. Professionals do this by holding a moisture meter against your wall, which measures the relative humidity in the air. It is where the humidity is highest that the leak is most likely to be found.

Once the control zone has been identified, our specialists can use their expertise and other means of detection. They have different sewer and infrared cameras, an aquaphone (acoustic detection), tracer gas, different dye colours and many other possibilities for more precise humidity or leak detection. In this way, they can pinpoint the exact location and nature of your water leak without unnecessary destruction.

Our humdity and leak detection offer

€ 499 (including 21% VAT) for the report. A VAT rate of 21% always applies to this type of service. If specific equipment is required to carry out the survey correctly, an additional charge may be made.

Included in the price

  • Travel by the humidity or leak detection specialist

  • Detection of the cause of the humidity or leak using the appropriate equipment

  • Non-destructive investigation

  • Expert report drawn up in accordance with your insurance requirements

  • Humidity or leak detection report delivered within 5 working days of receipt of payment

  • The specialist may return free of charge and at your request 6 weeks after the repairs to check that the problem has been resolved, provided you have called in an Ajusto specialist to carry out the work.

If work is required to resolve the problem, a free estimate can be drawn up by an Ajusto specialist.

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leak detection insurance

Your insurance often covers the costs

The cost of searching for and detecting humidity or a leak is often covered by your insurance, depending on the type of cover you have taken out. So be sure to check whether the claim is covered by your insurance. If it is, the general principle is that the cost of repairing the damage caused by the incident will be covered by the insurance. For example, ceiling work, painting walls, dismantling/reassembling furniture, etc. However, you will have to pay for repairs to the actual cause of the incident. For example, leaking pipes. Contact your insurance company beforehand to find out what procedure to follow. You should also be aware that in some cases you can take preventive action in an emergency.

Call in an Ajusto plumber

The plumbing work carried out by an Ajusto plumber covers taps, bathroom renovation (showers and baths), pipe connections, watertightness of pipes or a leaky toilet flush, replacement of a siphon, toilet or washbasin, water leaks or drainage problems, unblocking, humidity detection, and so on. A professional plumber is often also a heating engineer. He therefore also specialises in boilers, water heaters and hot water problems in your sanitary facilities.

In the event of a leak in a tap, water tank, pipe, boiler, sink, pipe, bath, pipes or joints, call in a qualified plumber-heating engineer for a rapid leak detection service. He'll find the source of the leak before carrying out a professional leak repair.

Humidity detection for a healthier environment

Detecting humidity is essential for maintaining a healthy, comfortable environment. To measure the humidity in the ambient air, various measuring devices can be used, such as a hygrometer, a humidity sensor, a humidity tester or a thermometer. A probe or sensor is the most commonly used tool for measuring absolute humidity, dew point and humidity level.

The use of a dehumidifier is a common method of reducing humidity in the ambient air and preventing condensation and mould formation. However, to determine the humidity level in a room, a humidity sensor can be used to measure the water content of the air. It can also be used to measure the humidity level in relation to the ambient temperature.

It is important to regularly monitor the humidity level in a room, as an environment that is too damp can cause health and comfort problems. With a humidity meter, such as a thermometer or probe, you can avoid the risk of condensation and mould in a damp room by adjusting ventilation and using a dehumidifier if necessary.

Detecting humidity is crucial to ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment in your home. Hygrometry, which measures the amount of water vapour in the air, is essential for assessing soil humidity and indoor air quality. Humidity sensors and detectors, such as the hygrometer thermometer and the temperature sensor, can be used to accurately measure ambient temperature and humidity, ensuring optimum humidity control.

Too high a humidity level can cause humidity problems such as mould, capillary rise and infiltration, damaging building materials and affecting indoor air quality. Respiratory problems and the proliferation of dust mites can also occur in an environment that is too humid. Conversely, air that is too dry can lead to irritation and poor air quality.

Thermal measurement and relative humidity measurement are crucial to preventing these problems. High-precision humidity measurement instruments, such as humidity probes and humidity sensors, make it possible to detect and regulate the humidity in the home with great precision. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are devices that can help maintain optimum humidity levels, depending on your home's needs.

A humidity diagnosis is a key step in identifying and resolving humidity problems in the home, including rising damp and infiltration. Good ventilation is essential to remove excessive humidity and odours, and to ensure healthy indoor air quality.

In short, humidity or leak detection and control are essential for maintaining air quality and the health of your home. Don't hesitate to call in the professionals to help you implement the right solutions to combat humidity and ensure a healthy, pleasant environment for you and your family.

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Testimonials from our users

Leak detection

Perfect execution of the leak detection work. Thank you Ajusto for the quality of the information on making appointments, the arrival times respected and the professionalism of the people involved. A professional job with perfect monitoring of the platform, thank you and well done.



Humidity detection

Very good service from the Ajusto team, and the quality of the plumber was top-notch (highly recommendable).


La Louvière

Leak repair

The job wasn't easy (old installation, difficult access) but the leak was repaired after a good diagnostic. The plumber was competent, efficient and friendly. I would recommend him.



Leak detection

Very good follow-up service. The first technician was unable to solve the leak problem. After contacting the sales department, a solution was found and my problem was resolved smoothly and confidently. Thank you for your support



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