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Do you have a water leak? Entrust your project to Ajusto! We'll take care of the job from A to Z. Avoid the hassle. Ajusto will send a specialist to repair your leak. He'll come to your home on the date and at the time that suits you best to repair the water leak.
repair leak

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repair leak wall

Wall leak

From €119.00.

A leak in the wall is often hidden. The risk with this type of damp problem is that you don't notice it straight away. It often only appears when the consequences are clearly visible and the walls have been badly damaged. The first signs of a leak in the wall are, for example, damp stains and mould, cracked wallpaper and paintwork, condensation on the windows or a sudden increase in your water consumption. If you notice this, it's advisable to call in a specialist and have the leak detected first. This will enable the plumber to repair the leak and avoid the often costly work of destruction.

Your insurance will often cover the costs

The cost of searching for and detecting leaks is often covered by your insurance, depending on the type of cover you have. So be sure to check whether the claim is covered by your insurance. If it is, the general principle is that the costs involved in repairing the damage caused by the incident will be covered by the insurance. For example, this could include ceiling work, painting walls, dismantling/reassembling furniture, etc. However, repairs to the actual cause of the incident will be at your expense. For example, leaking pipes. Contact your insurance company beforehand to find out what procedure to follow. You should also be aware that in some cases you can take preventive action in an emergency.

Ceiling leak

From €119.00.

A ceiling leak is very annoying because it's often complex and causes a lot of water damage. Ceiling leaks are often the result of leaking pipes or leaks in your bathroom. The best advice we can give you is to start by turning off your main valve to prevent further damage. Then think about calling a specialist, qualified plumber to fix the leak.

repair leak ceiling
repair leak toilet

Toilet leak

From €119.00.

It's a recurring problem. You've just got home and there's water all around your toilet. There are several reasons for this. If this has already happened, you're probably dealing with a leak in your toilet pipe or bowl. It's also possible that your toilet isn't connected properly. Often 90-degree connection elbows or a connection that is too tight are used, which can cause your toilet to leak. Your pipes may also be porous and need to be replaced. Call one of our local plumbers for leak repairs. They'll make sure the leak in your toilet is fixed and repair the damage caused.

Shower leak

From €119.00.

If you see signs of leakage or damp areas on the ceiling or wall where your shower is located, there's a good chance that it's a leak in the drainage pipes. You may want to find out first if your shower tray is leaking. With our tips and tricks, you'll find a detailed plan for detecting the leak yourself. You don't need any special technical knowledge to do this, but it's still a good idea to be skilful. If you're not at all handy, if you can't manage or if you'd prefer to have it done by a plumbing troubleshooting specialist, we'll be happy to help you find and repair a leak in your shower tray.

repair leak shower
repair leak bathroom

Bathroom leak

From €119.00.

A leak in your bathroom can occur in a number of places. Your shower, bath, washbasin, tap and toilet all use a lot of water. This water has to be drained via your water pipes. This is why many leaks occur in the water pipes and in the connections and drains of your shower, bath, washbasin, sinks and toilets in the bathroom.

If you have a leak in the joints or in the wall, it's best to find the source of the leak before the water damage gets any worse. You can call on one of our specialists for a quick and efficient response. They have special equipment for detecting leaks in your bathroom. He will avoid any unnecessary destruction in order to locate the leak. If he has found the leak, he can also solve it for you.

Pipe leak

From €119.00.

We often don't think about it, but behind ceilings, partitions and floors, our impurities are perfectly concealed and hidden from the human eye. It's only when the drain in your sink, toilet or shower isn't working properly, or you smell a bad, damp, stale odour (sewage tank), that you remember your home's drainage system exists.

The difference between a broken or blocked pipe is often difficult to recognise. Do you notice recurring blockages in your drains, sewage in your crawl space or basement, or a total blockage in your kitchen and bathroom drains? If so, it's more likely to be a broken pipe than a blocked one. Is there a leak in the pipes, or is your sewer blocked? Call in one of our plumbers in your area. They'll make sure your pipes are repaired in the event of a leak, or unblocked.

Call in an Ajusto plumber

The plumbing work and repairs carried out by an Ajusto plumber include taps, bathroom renovations (showers and baths), pipe connections, making pipes watertight or fixing a leaky flush, replacing a siphon, fitting, taps, finding a leak in a toilet or washbasin, water leaks or drainage problems (unclogging), and so on. A professional plumber is often also a heating engineer. He therefore also specialises in boilers, water heaters and hot water problems in your sanitary facilities.

repair leak pipe

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Leak sink

The plumber arrived at the agreed time and was very efficient in repairing the leak in my kitchen sink.



Leak bathroom

Very good service from the Ajusto team, and the quality of the plumber was top-notch (highly recommendable).


La Louvière

Leak repair

The job wasn't easy (old installation, difficult access) but the leak has been repaired. The plumber was competent, efficient and friendly. I would recommend him.



Leak detection

Very good follow-up service. The first technician was unable to solve the leak problem. After contacting the sales department, a solution was found and my problem was resolved smoothly and confidently. Thank you for your support



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