An electrician is an electrical installation mechanic. He is the specialist in installing or repairing all the systems needed to supply electricity. He can install electricity, bring it up to standard, replace your fuse box or deal with a power cut.

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What is a qualified electrician?

An electrician is an electrical installation mechanic. He is a specialist in installing or repairing all the systems needed to supply electricity.

An electrician can install electricity, bring it up to standard, replace your fuse box or deal with a power cut.

Does your electrical installation not meet safety standards? A problem with your circuit breakers? Exposed, gnawed wires? These are all problems that require the services of a qualified electrician. It takes years of study and training to qualify as an electrician. Electricians must also meet legal obligations in order to practise their trade.

Professional electricians are obliged to take out civil liability insurance. This covers any unforeseen events. In addition, the electrician provides a guarantee for the work carried out. In addition to their qualifications, electricians must be attentive to your needs and work cleanly. They must also honour their commitments and estimates. The human relationship is really crucial, because it's the basis of trust.

In conclusion, it's best to opt for an electrician who's qualified, insured and experienced in his field to avoid problems later on. Call in a qualified professional electrician. Make the smart choice!

If you need help finding a qualified electrician in your area, think Ajusto. With Ajusto, the price is always known in advance. There are no nasty surprises on the final bill. Before carrying out the work, the electrician will give you a free, detailed estimate. He'll present it to you for approval. You have the right to refuse it. Hourly rates are known in advance. And the first hour's work always includes travel costs.

Types of work carried out by electricians

Electrical installation

If you need to renew or extend an electrical circuit, wire an electrical panel, install interior and exterior lighting, connect sockets, replace an intercom or any other electrical installation work, you can call on an electrician from the Ajusto platform. You can be sure that he'll give you a free estimate before the work begins, taking into account your needs and budget.

Electrical repairs

You have a power cut. It can quickly turn into a disaster. The lights don't work, your freezer and fridge start to defrost or it's no longer possible to cook on electric hobs. In short, it's easy to see why it's urgent to call in a professional electrician to deal with a power cut quickly.

Electrical conformity

It is a legal requirement to have your domestic electrical installation inspected. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure the safety of people and property. If your electrical installation does not comply, you run the risk of fire or personal injury. Electrical certification is therefore of vital importance.

There are two types of service available:

  • You only want the electrical certification document issued by an electrician, whether it complies or not. This is necessary when selling a property.

  • You want to bring your electrical installation up to standard: your electrical system is not in order and you need work to bring it up to standard and a certificate from a qualified electrician.

Photovoltaic panels

Ajusto's certified electricians will maintain or repair your solar panels. This could be a problem with the inverter, the panels themselves or a problem with the waterproofing. In all cases, you need to call in an electrician who specialises in photovoltaic panels.

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Why should you choose Ajusto?

Ajusto specialises in the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment. We offer tailor-made solutions for your needs, using high-quality cables for reliable connections and clean, efficient wiring. We can also replace or install new switches to improve the functionality of your electrical system.

Our experienced electricians are trained to work with the latest switchboards, cabinets and electrical equipment. They can handle all troubleshooting, including common breakdowns and repairs needed to bring your system up to code. Our professionals are equipped to deal with power cuts and electrical faults quickly to minimise service interruptions.

Ajusto also offers quality cable installation to add new power points or upgrade your existing system. We offer a free estimate for all the work we carry out, and ensure that any faulty equipment is replaced quickly and efficiently. Our pros work to your detailed plans and diagrams to ensure the work is carried out accurately and efficiently.

Ajusto also offers electrical breakdown services for faulty sockets, faulty switches and any other electrical problems. We are committed to providing fast and effective solutions to any power cut problems for our customers. Call an Ajusto electrician for a free estimate for your electrical projects.

Everything you need to know about an electrician

Electricians work in a variety of fields, including the installation, commissioning and maintenance of electrical networks, electrical equipment and electrical appliances. Electricians may specialise in high-voltage or low-voltage electrical work. High-voltage electrical work involves high-voltage installations, while low-voltage work involves low-voltage installations such as home automation, video surveillance, alarms and intercoms.

A general electrical contractor can handle all types of electrical work for private individuals and professionals. It specialises in carrying out work such as commissioning equipment, bringing electrical installations up to standard, electrical renovation, bringing installations up to standard, installing ventilation systems, installing lighting and outdoor lighting, installing electrical networks, troubleshooting, access control, electrical maintenance, etc.

To carry out the electrical installation, the company must comply with the standards in force to guarantee the correct operation and electrical safety of the equipment. Electrical safety rules are very strict and must be respected to avoid the risk of accidents. To be authorised to work on electrical installations, electricians must be electrically certified. They must be able to work with both low and high voltage currents, and must be able to carry out wiring and connection work.

Electricians can also specialise in renovating electrical installations. They are qualified to bring existing electrical installations up to current electrical standards. They can also carry out energy efficiency work to help private individuals and businesses reduce their energy consumption. Renovation work may involve installing electric heating, photovoltaic panels or automated roller shutters, etc.

A general electrician must have ten-year insurance cover for any damage that may occur within ten years of the electrical work being carried out. Electricians must be qualified and have sufficient professional experience to carry out general electrical work. They must be able to carry out electrical diagnostics, rebuild electrical installations, troubleshoot electrical faults, install home automation equipment and comply with current safety regulations.

Our Ajusto service providers specialise in general electricity and offer quality services for all your electrical work, whether for private individuals or professionals. We have a team of skilled and experienced electricians who are qualified to install, bring up to standard, make safe, maintain, troubleshoot, renovate and commission electrical equipment.

We are also qualified to work on high and low current, low voltage, high voltage and low current systems such as home automation, alarms, video surveillance, intercom systems and controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV). We are also equipped to install photovoltaic systems, home automation equipment and outdoor lighting.

We comply with current standards and safety regulations to ensure that your installations and equipment work properly and are electrically safe. We also have RGE certification.

We can carry out complex work such as building electrical cabinets, electrical distribution, wiring, cable trays, connections, etc.

Electrical installation is a crucial part of every building, and it's essential to comply with current standards to guarantee the safety of private individuals and professionals. That's why we recommend that you call on a general electrical contractor or a certified electrician for all your electrical work, from bringing your home up to standard to electrical renovation.

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