Photovoltaic panels

By installing photovoltaic panels, you can take advantage of the sun's energy to produce green electricity. It also helps you to make substantial energy savings. If your photovoltaic panels are installed by qualified professionals, you should be able to get the most out of them without any hassle. However, you may sometimes run into problems due to faults during installation or as a result of bad weather, or simply because your installation is ageing.
photovoltaic panels

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How do you know if your solar panels need repairing?

From €379: 2-man service + insulation test (excluding parts)

A photovoltaic panels installation is made up of several components that need to be maintained to ensure it works properly. There are a number of indicators that can tell you if your photovoltaic panels are experiencing a problem:

  • Your photovoltaic panels are no longer producing electricity

  • The yield from your photovoltaic panels is falling

  • You have water leaks and/or damp patches appearing on your ceilings

If you can't work out what the problem is, don't worry! We have a team of qualified professionals on hand to carry out the diagnosis and repairs.

Photovoltaic panels repair service

To find out the cause of any malfunctions that may occur on your photovoltaic panels, we will check the various modules that make up your photovoltaic panels installation before carrying out repairs.

Checking and repairing the inverter

Has your photovoltaic inverter broken down and you don't know what to do? This is the most common problem. An old device, overvoltage or overheating can cause your photovoltaic panels to malfunction. They are an essential part of your installation, and their lifespan varies between 6 and 10 years on average. It is therefore vital to check and maintain your installation regularly to ensure that it is working properly.

At Ajusto, we have qualified professionals on hand to diagnose your photovoltaic panels installation, advise you and solve any problems that may arise. Because this component is made up of fragile electronic parts, repairing it requires the expertise of a certified repairer to ensure that your photovoltaic panels are put into service properly.

Damage to this electronic device will result in a loss of production, which can affect the yield of a solar panel. The energy regulator will need to be notified of any replacement, providing the necessary information to avoid losing your green certificates.

Checking and repairing photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic panels are one of the most reliable solutions for producing your own electricity over the long term, thanks to their lifespan of over 25 years. However, they can be damaged by bad weather, such as very heavy hail, for example. Cracked photovoltaic panels becomes more vulnerable and can lead to a sharp drop in production from your solar photovoltaic array.

Replacing the broken glass in photovoltaic panels is a very delicate operation, as it can lead to damage to the photovoltaic cells, which cannot be repaired. So it's important to call in a qualified professional.

Ajusto makes it easier than ever to find the right specialist at the right time. We call on professionals who are certified, insured and in good standing to carry out the most delicate repairs.

Checking and repairing waterproofing

If you have photovoltaic panels and you notice damp patches on your ceiling or leaks, you need to call in a photovoltaic panels repairer.

A leak in the roof will lead to water seeping into the electrical cables of your installation, which can cause damage to your photovoltaic inverter. This infiltration, which allows water and wind to pass through, can lead to a significant loss of production.

To avoid malfunctions caused by leaks, you need to call in qualified professionals. Our team of experts will diagnose, repair and replace your photovoltaic integration kit. Our aim is to provide you with a repair that lasts over time, even in heavy rain.

Photovoltaic panels repair service
Maintenance of photovoltaic panels

Maintenance of photovoltaic panels

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Photovoltaic electricity production is a reliable solution, thanks to the use of resistant materials. However, it's important to ensure that your installation is maintained in good condition to avoid losses in yield and to delay wear and tear on your equipment.

Don't hesitate to call on the professionals in the Ajusto community for the maintenance of your photovoltaic panels.

A photovoltaic panels installer captures the sun's rays and converts them into energy and electricity. You can then use the renewable energy produced for your water heater and domestic hot water production.

In some regions, it is possible to sell the surplus electricity produced, thereby reducing your energy bill.

Installing photovoltaic panels is a cost-effective way of producing solar-generated electricity. By opting for self-consumption, you can save on your electricity bill while contributing to the transition to renewable energy sources. A photovoltaic installation converts solar energy into electricity, measured in kWh, which can be used directly in your home or business. It can also be connected to the electricity grid, allowing you to sell surplus electricity.

It's important to consider the amount of sunshine in your region to optimise solar energy production. A well-designed solar panel installation can maximise the amount of energy produced and minimise electricity costs. By using photovoltaic panels, you can benefit from a clean, renewable source of energy.

What is photovoltaic energy?

Photovoltaic panels are used to produce electrical energy from sunlight. The direct current produced by the photovoltaic solar cells is then converted into alternating current using an inverter, so that it can be used by electrical appliances.

Photovoltaic panels need to be installed at an optimal angle to capture the maximum number of solar photons. Photovoltaic modules should be installed on the roof or on a flat surface to integrate them into the building. Photovoltaic tiles are also available to cover the roof structure.

The yield of photovoltaic panels depends on the peak power of the panels, expressed in watts, as well as the surface area of the panels and the type of panel used. Solar panels can be installed for self-consumption or to sell electricity to a connected grid.

Thermal solar panels can also be installed to produce hot water or to power a heat pump. Thermal solar panels use solar thermal energy and are made up of solar collectors.

Photovoltaic panels allow you to produce your own energy and make energy savings. Solar panels are fitted with photovoltaic inverters for a more stable power supply.

By opting for renewable energies such as photovoltaic solar power, you can help to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. If you're interested in buying solar panels or installing photovoltaic panels, don't hesitate to contact qualified installers for professional photovoltaic panels installation.

photovoltaic panels solar energy

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Repair of photovoltaic panels

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