Electrical conformity

It is a legal requirement to bring your electrical system into conformity. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure the safety of people and property. If your electrical installation does not comply, you run the risk of fire or personal injury. It is therefore of the utmost importance to bring your electrical system into conformity.
electrical conformity

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electrical conformity certification

Electrical certification

189€ VAT 21% - Detailed report on your electrical installation, whether it complies or not.

Inspecting domestic electrical installations is a legal obligation. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure the safety of people and property. A non-compliant electrical installation means you run the risk of fire or personal injury. Electrical certification is therefore of vital importance.

Our electrical certification package

€189 up to 200m² per electrical meter.

Electrical certification in compliance with the General Regulations on Electrical Installations (RGIE - Book 1).

Detailed report on your electrical installation, whether it complies or not. Any work required to bring the electrical system into compliance is not included in the price. Based on the report, a free, detailed estimate can be drawn up by a qualified professional electrician to bring your electrical installation into compliance. Residential only.

Mandatory electrical certification

Inspections of electrical installations are mandatory in all three regions of Belgium.

Electrical certification applies in the following cases:

  • When selling a home

  • Before commissioning a new electrical installation

  • To approve an extension to an existing installation (minimum 1 additional electrical circuit)

  • To accept a modification to the installation

  • Before any increase in the power of the connection to the public network

  • Every 25 years (periodic inspection)

In the event of a fire, it is highly likely that your insurance company will ask you to prove that the electrical system has been brought up to standard. If you are unable to provide proof of electrical conformity, your insurance company may refuse to pay.

electrical conformity electrician
electrical conformity control

Control process

  • Checking that the installation complies with the requirements of the Règlement Général sur les Installations Electriques (RGIE - A.R. du 8/9/2019 - Livre 1).

  • Verification of the single-line electrical diagrams of the switchboards and the position drawings, as well as the correspondence between these documents.

  • Measures imposed by the RGIE: value of earth connection, phase-to-earth insulation, earth continuity, triggering of differential protections.

  • For sales of goods (dating from before 1/10/1981), if the plans mentioned above are missing, we draw up a survey of the circuits in the switchboard(s) and a rough layout sketch (with no correlation between the two).

These statements constitute a "snapshot" of the installation at the time of the inspection and do not exempt the new owner from producing, within 18 months of the date of the deed of sale, the electrical conformity documents required by the RGIE.

Electrical conformity works

From €499.00.

Our estimates are free and are always presented to you for validation before the work is carried out. If a negative report is not available and the Pro has to carry out a full electrical diagnosis of your electrical installation, he may charge a flat-rate fee of €50 for travel and the diagnosis.

Our offer: diagnosis, diagram and certification

Included in the €499 package *

  • Travel by a certified electrician

  • Diagnosis of the electrical installation for a house of up to 100 m².

  • Drawing up a plan of your home (layout diagram and single-line diagram)

  • Certification of your installation by a recognised organisation (per electrical box)

Not included in the pack

The electrical work and equipment required to bring the electrical system into compliance. These will be the subject of a specific estimate drawn up by one of our electricians.

In order to work properly, it is important that the electrical panel is easily accessible.

*A VAT rate of 21% applies for a house less than 10 years old. The final estimate for the work is drawn up by the specialist and submitted to you for approval before an appointment is made to start the necessary electrical upgrading work.

electrical conformity works
electrical conformity professional

An Ajusto electrician for your electrical work

If you need to carry out electrical work, you can call on an Ajusto-certified professional electrician. They'll give you a free estimate. They can carry out minor electrical work such as installing sockets or lighting. If more extensive work is required, our qualified electrician will take care of your electrical installations, renew or extend an existing electrical circuit, wire an electrical panel or replace it.

Our qualified electricians know all there is to know about connecting your electrical equipment, electric heating, connections, wiring, fuses, earth leakage protection, switches, circuit breakers, low voltage, electrical networks, home automation, electrical diagnostics and ensuring electrical compliance.

If you live in an older home, it's essential to ensure that your electrical installation complies with current standards. Electrical upgrading is a process that brings your entire electrical system up to standard to ensure your safety.

Elements such as circuit breakers, differential switches, fuses, sockets, protective devices, surge arresters and terminals need to be checked to ensure that they are in working order and comply with safety standards. The risks of electrocution, short-circuits and domestic fires can be avoided with electrical safety work.

Electrical renovation work must also include bringing electrical equipment up to standard, such as electrical appliances, electrical circuits, electrical wiring, sockets, lighting points and the distribution board. Safety standards must be complied with for every room in the house, including service ducts and protected equipment.

A certificate of compliance must be issued on completion of the work to confirm that the interior installation complies with current standards. Any risk of power cuts, short-circuits or electrical faults must be eliminated to ensure that your electrical network works properly.

For your own safety, it's important to have a full inspection of your electrical installation carried out by a qualified professional. Work to bring your electrical system up to standard can be carried out in complete safety and can protect you from the risks of electrocution, house fires and other electrical hazards. Don't wait, bring your electrical installation up to standard to avoid any potential danger and comply with current safety standards.

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Testimonials from our users

Electrical conformity

Overall, I am satisfied with your service. The work went well. There's just one problem where the pro has to come back to correct the work. The contact with your sales team was excellent. The morning after I submitted my request, I received a phone call from John, who gave me a clear and precise explanation of how the electrical work was to be carried out. It was my first experience with Ajusto and I'm encouraged to use them again for other needs and to tell people about them.



Electrical conformity

Even though I would have liked to have received several estimates for bringing the electricity up to standard, I understand that you select the Pros yourself by eliminating those who are not serious. Keep up the good work, and you should advertise more (your partner Engie is already pretty good in itself).



Electrical conformity

Everything went well with the electricians. Very friendly and respectful of the property. Electricity finally up to current standards.



Electrical conformity

Very happy with my Pro electrician. The work to bring the electrical system up to standard was carried out in record time, and was all done with a great deal of kindness and goodwill.



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