Power failure

A power failure and it's a disaster. The lights don't work. The fridge and freezer stop working, with all the consequences you can imagine. What's more, you can forget about cooking on electric hobs. In short, it's easy to see why it's urgent to call in a professional electrician in the event of a power cut.
power failure

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A power failure can happen in any home. Usually, a power cut is caused by a fault in an electrical appliance. But the fault may be in your electrical installation. A short circuit can have several causes. That's why it's very difficult for most people to solve a power failure themselves. Firstly, thanks to the general differential on the electrical panel, the electricity is cut off immediately in the event of a short-circuit. Next, it's important to find the appliance or light point that has caused the power failure. Only then will it be possible to repair the cause of the power failure.

Have you had a power failure in your home? Don't know what to do? One of our electricians will be happy to help you detect and resolve the power failure for you. Our qualified electricians know all there is to know about connecting your electrical equipment, fuses, differential, switches, circuit breakers, low voltage, electrical networks, home automation, electrical diagnostics, power failures and compliance with standards.

Electricity up to standard

It's possible that the power failure is due to an electrical installation that doesn't comply with current standards.

Our experienced electrician can check your installation for you and bring it up to standard. He will draw up the one-line diagram and arrange for an approved body to issue the certificate. If any electrical work is required to bring the system up to standard (earthing, connecting switches, wiring the electrical network, connecting circuit breakers, adding electrical sockets, etc.) our professional will create an estimate. This is submitted to you for approval before the work is carried out.

In fact, you are legally obliged to have your electrical installation checked. The purpose of this inspection is twofold. Firstly, to check that your electrical installation complies with the requirements of the "Règlement Général sur les Installations Electriques (RGIE)". Secondly, to ensure that any buyer of your home will also comply with all the regulations. You need to make sure that everything is checked and up to standard to ensure that your electrical installation works properly and safely.

Whether you have a power failure, need to bring your circuit breaker, electrical circuit, switchboards and differentials up to standard, or need to repair an electrical socket, fuse or plugs, put your trust in an Ajusto Pro.

He specialises in general electricity, household appliances, safety upgrades, power failures and electrical renovations in compliance with safety standards.

power failure electrical compliancy
power failure emergency

Power failure: what to do?

When an electrical problem occurs, it can often be solved quickly and efficiently by identifying and resolving the source of the problem. The circuit breaker is a key part of your electrical system that can prevent a power failure in the event of an overload or short circuit. However, if a circuit breaker is not working properly, there may be a power cut or electrical failure.

If you experience a power failure, it's important to contact your energy supplier to report the failure and get help resolving it. If the power failure is widespread, it may be a mains failure or a generalised failure that requires the intervention of an electricity network operator.

In the event of a power failure, it may be useful to unplug all electrical appliances to check whether a fuse has blown or whether another appliance is causing the failure. If a fuse has blown, it is important to replace it to restore power. If the source of the power failure is unclear, it may be necessary to call in a professional to carry out an electrical diagnostic.

In the event of emergency repairs, it is important not to touch or handle electrical equipment if lightning is present or if the electricity is cut off. Wait until the electricity supply has been restored before attempting to restore power or doing anything that could be dangerous. If the meter shows a power interruption, wait until the power is restored before restarting electrical appliances.

To sum up, if you have electricity problems, it is important to report the failure to your electricity supplier and not to touch any electrical equipment in the event of emergency repairs. If you need help to resolve a power failure, don't hesitate to call in a qualified professional to restore the electricity and ensure that your electrical system is working safely and efficiently.

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Testimonials from our users

Power failure

Excellent service. The lead seals that were constantly popping were repaired in record time.



Electrical repair

I'm writing these few words to congratulate Pro Ajusto for his good work, his professionalism and his tenacity in finding the power failure in my home. A person to be recommended absolutely.



Oven repair

The electrician has repaired the thermostat on our oven. We're delighted that the oven is working again.



Power failure

The professional with the equipment was great at detecting the power failure. Very competent. I give him my complete satisfaction. He didn't leave me to my fate without electricity.



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