Electrical renovation

An electrician can help you with the electrical renovation of your electrical appliances or equipment in accordance with current standards. In the case of a major electrical renovation, you may need to install electrical appliances or renew, replace or extend your electrical circuit.
electrical renovation

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Electrical renovation

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When the electricity in an old house is obsolete, sooner or later the time comes when the old electrical wiring and circuit need to be replaced and an electrical renovation is required. We're also using more and more electrical appliances at home. It is therefore useful for proper operation to extend your electrical panel with a more adequate phase distribution. This ensures that your fuses don't blow if, for example, you switch on several electrical appliances at the same time.

If you need an electrical renovation, it's important that it's done as well as possible. A certified electrician is in fact the only person who can carry out a complete renovation safely for you. Make an appointment with a professional electrician in your area.

Wiring an electrical panel

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An electrical panel is essential in every home. It is usually located next to your electricity meter. Through the switchboard, the current that enters the house is routed throughout the house. If you're planning an electrical renovation or want to connect your own switchboard, always do it very carefully. Connecting an electrical box is not only a difficult task, it can also be particularly dangerous. You can be exposed to short circuits and high currents.

Wiring your electrical panel yourself requires a great deal of preparation and precision. Please note that wiring a fuse box is subject to safety regulations. The wiring in the distribution board is always thicker than the other electrical cables used in your electrical installation. We advise you to start an electrical renovation yourself only if you have sufficient knowledge or experience of electricity. If you don't, or if you have any doubts, call in a specialist to connect an electrical panel or for any other electrical renovation.

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electrical renovation install lightning

Install lighting

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These days, there are so many possibilities when it comes to indoor and outdoor lighting. If anything has changed over the years, it's the way we light our homes. Would you like to install new recessed spotlights or wall lighting? Whatever your electrical renovation project, our certified electricians can help you connect your lighting correctly.

Have you always dreamed of having lighting in your garden so you can make the most of those lovely summer evenings? Our electrical specialists will carry out the work to the highest standards.

Install smart lighting

With smart lighting, you can control your lights from the sofa using your smartphone or tablet. You can also easily make your smart lighting work with other home automation systems in your home. Although it all sounds very technical, in practice it's not that complicated. Installing smart lighting is pretty straightforward for most brands (Philips Hue, Osram, Innr). All you need is a Wi-Fi router, a branded base station (e.g. a Philips Hue bridge) and a smart light. Need help connecting your smart lighting to other smart devices? Make an appointment with a home automation specialist in your area.

Connecting a power socket

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Do you want to connect a socket in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in your home? It's relatively easy to replace and connect your socket yourself. Moving and connecting an electrical socket can be a little more difficult if the wiring has already been pulled. To ensure your safety and avoid electrocution, it is very important that there is no voltage on the wires if you want to connect the plug yourself. Make sure the power supply is switched off before you start connecting the plug. If you need a more complex electrical renovation, such as moving and installing your sockets, it's best to call in one of our electricians who specialise in electrical renovation and are used to working to strict safety standards.

The different stages in plugging in a socket

Our qualified electrician works in stages. Of course, before he even starts, he'll switch off the power (the main circuit breaker). That's common sense! He checks that the socket in question is de-energised. To do this, he uses a voltmeter. Once that's done, he can move on to the other steps.

He starts by pulling a sheath made up of three electrical wires. The blue wire corresponds to neutral, the red to phase and the green and yellow to earth. He then connects the wires according to their colour. Then, he fixes the socket in the flush-mounted box. He fixes the support to the box using screws. Finally, he clips the cover plate onto the socket support. All that's left to do is turn the power back on and check that everything is working properly. In the same way, he can connect new switches or any other electrical renovation.

electrical renovation connecting power socket
electrical renovation replace intercom

Replacing an intercom

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From intercom to videophone

The intercom system has undergone a huge modernisation. An intercom or entry phone offers greater comfort, luxury and, above all, a sense of security. If you need to replace it, it may also be a good idea to think about a videophone. The difference between an intercom and a videophone is that a videophone has a camera. This way, you can see the whole environment and who's at your door. Need help replacing and connecting your intercom or videophone? Ask an experienced Ajusto electrician to carry out the electrical renovation.

Your connected doorbell installed by a specialist

You want to take the plunge and switch to a video intercom or connected doorbell. We can advise you on choosing the best product for your needs. He'll explain the different models available. The picture and sound quality may differ. Some models offer a separate chime or different melodies. They can be connected by cable or Wi-Fi. Once you've made your choice and have the product in your possession, our home automation specialist will be happy to come and install it for you.

What can our electrician do for you?

If you need to carry out an electrical renovation, you can put your trust in an Ajusto electrician. He'll give you a free estimate. He can carry out minor electrical renovation work such as installing sockets or lighting. If more extensive electrical renovation is required, our electrician will install, renew or extend an existing electrical circuit, wire an electrical panel or replace it. Our qualified electricians know all there is to know about connecting your electrical equipment, electric heating, connections, wiring, fuses, earth leakage, switches, circuit breakers, low voltage, electrical networks, electrical renovation, home automation, electrical diagnostics and conformity to standards.

More than just a weekend handyman, the Ajusto specialist takes particular care to carry out quality work that is built to last. They will work cleanly, safely and in compliance with current standards.

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TV installation

My wall-mounted TV installation went perfectly. Just before the electrician arrived, I was notified by Ajusto and just afterwards by the professional in question to let me know that he was on his way. He's a perfectionist, punctual, polite, courteous and admirably professional. After a few measurements, he fixed my television properly to the wall. I'm very satisfied with the electrician and Ajusto, and would recommend them with my eyes closed.



Electrical renovation

Very happy with the result of my electrical renovation. Top team! This is becoming so rare that I'd like to thank everyone involved in the work.


La Louvière

Lighting installation

Your electrician managed to install a light fitting in a complicated area. Hats off to you for a job well done. I'm very pleased.



Electrical renovation

Everything went smoothly. The work was fast and impeccable! The electrician installed the lights in my living room with care and at a good price.



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