If, for example, the water in your shower tray or toilet doesn't drain properly, there's probably a blockage. In most cases, you can easily fix it yourself. But the blockage may be deeper underground. Or, if you don't know what to do, it's time to call in a professional plumber. He's the specialist for a proper unclogging. Our specialists have the special tools and know-how needed to solve a blockage problem. Call one of our plumbers if your pipes are clogged.

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It is impossible for us to determine the price of an unclogging job in advance. It depends on a number of factors: the type of clog, the depth, the equipment used, the time required, etc.

Here is an indication of the price of our professional uncloggers:

  • From €350.00: travel, diagnosis, first hour's work and small unclogging using a mechanical ferret or pipe cleaner.

  • From €450.00: travel, diagnosis, first hour's work and unclogging using a high-pressure machine.

In all cases, the pro will give you an estimate on site to inform you of the final price.

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Unclogging drains

Unclogging drains

Price from € 350.00. The price will vary according to the time required and the materials used for unclogging.

All pipe systems in the home can become blocked at some point. The first reaction to a blocked drain is often: I'll sort it out myself. In fact, a blocked drain is often easy to solve without calling in a plumber. However, this solution is usually temporary in nature and if you apply excessive force when unclogging, it can cause permanent damage to your pipe.

If, after repeated attempts, you are unable to unblock the pipes yourself. If you think the pipes are damaged and the blockage is very persistent, don't hesitate to ask a drain unclogging specialist for help.

Some good advice

There are several ways of unclogging a drain. Most of the time, the plumber will use a hand pump or a plunger. However, he may need to use more powerful equipment. These are only available from professional plumbing retailers. The repair time will also vary. It ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours for more complex cases.

At all costs, avoid using the chemical products you find in your supermarket that are supposedly designed for unclogging. These products, which can be useful as a preventive measure, risk doing even more damage to your pipes. They may even make the problem worse. So avoid unnecessary costs. Instead, consider calling in a professional plumber who is qualified and experienced in this type of repair work.

If you find that not only your toilet but also your shower or sink are blocked, it's highly likely that the problem is in your home's drainage system. In this case, a hydrocleaner could be used to clear the blockage, or the septic tank could be emptied if no alternative solution has been found.

Unclogging bathtub

Price from € 350.00. The price will vary according to the time required and the materials used for unclogging.

Does stagnant water remain in your bath when you empty it, or does it drain less easily? Or do you hear a sort of gurgling noise when the water is almost completely drained? This often indicates a clog. The most common cause of a clog in the bath (or shower) is an accumulation of soap residue combined with hair. Have you already tried to solve the blockage but failed? Then it's a good idea to call in a plumber for a professional unclogging of your bath.

Unclogging bathtub
Unclogging sewers

Unclogging sewers

Price from €350.00. The price will vary according to the time required and the materials used for unclogging.

A blocked sewer or blocked pipe in your home is very annoying. The causes of a sewer blockage are, for example, stuck grease, subsidence of the soil, damage to your sewer or you may have an obsolete sewer system. One of the consequences of a blockage in your drains may be that you can no longer use your toilet or that flushing is no longer effective. You may also hear the sewer gurgling in your kitchen, bathroom or toilet, or notice unpleasant odours. If this happens to you, we advise you not to wait any longer and to call in a specialist for a sewer unclogging. Our plumbers have the equipment and resources needed to unblock your sewer quickly.

Trust a specialist

Have you tried on your own and come up with no miracle solutions? Put your trust in a qualified Ajusto specialist, who will come to your home quickly to restore your everyday comfort.

The plumbing work carried out by an Ajusto plumber covers taps, bathroom renovation (showers and baths), pipe connections, watertightness of pipes or a leaky flush, replacement of a siphon, toilet or washbasin, water leaks or drainage problems, unclogging, etc. A professional plumber is often also a heating engineer. He therefore also specialises in boilers, water heaters and hot water problems in your sanitary facilities.

Unclogging toilets

Price from €350.00. The price will vary according to the time required and the materials used for unclogging.

It's only when your toilet stops working that you realise how annoying it can be. There are many reasons why your toilet may be blocked. For example, toilet paper, wipes or perfume cubes can be flushed down the toilet and cause problems. But flushing paint, oil or other materials can also cause blockages. Our customers also often report that their children's toys accidentally end up in the toilet. Do you have a blocked toilet? Does the water not flow properly or back up when you flush? No problem, our plumbers have special tools for unclogging toilets.

Unclogging toilets
Unclogging shower

Unclogging shower

Price from €350.00. The price will vary according to the time required and the materials used for unclogging.

You usually recognise a blocked shower drain because the water stays in your shower or doesn't drain as easily as it used to. In many cases, the blockage is caused by hair and soap residue mixing together and accumulating. Do you have a clog in a walk-in shower? In the event of a blockage, the entire bathroom floor and even adjacent rooms can be flooded. If you're lucky, all you have to do is clean the trap properly. If that doesn't help, or if it's not enough, our plumbers can use special unclogging equipment and their experience to detect and correct your blockage.

Unclogging a sink

Price from €350.00. The price will vary according to the time required and the materials used for unclogging.

Has the water in your sink stopped draining? Or have you noticed stagnant water? You probably have a blockage in your sink. The first signs of a sink blockage are when you empty a sink and hear a sort of thumping noise coming from the trap. A common problem with blocked sinks is food scraps in combination with soap. Because food residues are not always washed away and can easily remain in the corners, they build up quickly.

If your kitchen sink drain is blocked, you can easily fix it yourself. In the event of a blockage, start by checking the siphon where the dirt and food remains are collected. Disconnect the trap and clean it of all food residues. This may solve the problem. In any case, we advise you to check and clean your siphon regularly to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If you can't unclog your sink yourself, make an appointment with our local plumber for a sink unclogging.

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Unclogging drains

The plumber was able to clear the blockage out of my drain very quickly. Thank you for the efficient unclogging.



Unclogging sink

The unclogging was perfect, the price was very reasonable and the plumber was very competent in his emergency repairs. He didn't hesitate to check his work.



Unclogging toilet

Very good. Fast service and quality work. Quick response to blocked toilet emergency. Highly recommend.



Unclogging sewers

Very good follow-up service. The first technician was unable to solve the leak problem. After contacting the sales department, a solution was found and my problem was resolved smoothly and confidently. Thank you for your follow-up.



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