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Why install a water softener?

Calcium carbonate dissolved in water has a natural tendency to return to its solid form. In fact, when hard water is heated above 60°C, it forms what is known as tartar or limescale. This scale deposits on the heating elements in appliances such as kettles, coffee makers, water heaters, boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. When the heating elements in these appliances are scaled, energy consumption rises, sometimes very sharply, affecting the quality of operation and the lifespan of the appliances. You will then have to repair or even replace your household appliances.

The effectiveness of detergents and cleaning products also decreases with water hardness. So you have to use more, which increases water pollution and costs. Temperature is not the only factor, which is why limescale deposits can also be found on appliances that only use cold water.

A water softener is certainly a useful anti-limescale system, enabling you to save up to €650 on your invoice every year.

Check the hardness of your water

A number of websites allow you to check the level of hardness of your water depending on where you live, whether in Brussels, Flanders or Wallonia.

If the water in your area is hard (over 22°F), you should certainly consider installing a water softener.

Please note, however, that it is not advisable to install a water softener if you have lead piping. Your Ajusto plumber can also give you a free estimate for replacing your lead pipes. Your fitter will make sure that your installations are working properly to ensure ideal water treatment and quality drinking water.

If you don't want to have to replace your taps or electrical appliances too quickly because of limescale deposits, consider installing a water softener.

This will prevent damage to your pipes and ensure that your soft water is properly filtered, so you can enjoy the same high quality tap water.

Minerals, calcium and magnesium ions, mineral salts and sodium ions are all involved. Filtering hard water through an anti-scale filter is the solution to preventing scale deposits or complete scaling.

Finally, softened water is ideal for washing windows.

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Installation water softener

I was a bit skeptical about installing a water softener, but you can really feel the quality. Thanks to Ajusto and the plumber for their professionalism!



Installation water softener

I'm not disappointed with my water softener. Regular descaling was costing me a fortune. The installer was really nice and explained everything to me well! Thank you!



Installation water softener

Ajusto was able to explain to me in detail the benefits of a water softener. The plumber who came to install it was very professional, very quick, and most importantly reassuring!!! I don't regret my purchase!



Maintenance water softener

Top, very efficient. I recommend this plumber! The digital payment with the QR code is really convenient.



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