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Give your plumbing installation project to Ajusto! We'll take care of the job from A to Z. Avoid the hassle. Ajusto will send you a specialist to renovate your sanitary fittings or any other plumbing installation. He'll come to your home at the date and time that suits you best and will give you a no-obligation quote.
plumbing installation

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Renovating a bathroom

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Renovating a bathroom may involve several different trades. Of course, a good plumber who is an expert in plumbing installation is needed to dismantle and install your sanitaryware. He will also ensure that all the pipes are connected correctly. He will also check that they are watertight.

Some certified plumbers also have the skills to take on the other work required to renovate your shower room. If not, you can be sure that we have the right specialist to handle your work. Think in particular about your light points: types of lighting and sockets. Choose to embellish your bathroom with suitable paint or the tiles of your choice. In this case, you may need a painter or tiler.

The plumbing installation work carried out by Ajusto plumbers includes taps, bathroom renovations (showers and baths), connecting a pipe, making the pipes watertight or fixing a leaky flush, replacing a siphon, toilet or washbasin, dealing with a water leak or drainage problem (unblocking), installing a water softener, troubleshooting, and so on. A plumber is often also an unclogger or heating engineer. They also specialise in boilers, water heaters and domestic hot water problems.

Installing or replacing sanitary facilities

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Are you ready for a new bathroom? Then it's time to consider replacing your sanitaryware instead of installing a brand new bathroom. A walk-in shower, modern wall-hung toilet or new bathroom furniture can make a big difference to your bathroom.

Installing a completely new bathroom can be expensive, whereas you only pay for the cost of the new bathroom furniture when you replace the sanitaryware. When replacing or fitting sanitaryware, also consider your pipes.

Do you need help replacing and/or installing a sanitary fitting or pipes? Make an appointment with one of our plumbers specialising in plumbing installation in your area for a free estimate.

pumbing installation sanitary
plumbing installation sink

Placing a sink

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Everyone uses a washbasin every day. Which means that after several years, it may be time to replace it. Or maybe you think it's time to move on to something new or more designer? With a new sink, you can give your bathroom a completely different look. Replacing sinks in the bathroom or toilet can be a complicated job. Can't get to grips with it, or would you prefer to leave the plumbing installation and sink connection to a specialist? Our plumbers will be happy to help.

Installing a kitchen sink

Our plumbers can also install your kitchen sink. It's an integral part of your kitchen and a must. It helps you on a daily basis to rinse vegetables and wash dishes, among other things. As well as its multi-purpose function, you need to consider its aesthetic and practical aspects. They come in different shapes and sizes. Materials can also vary. Next, you can choose a single or double basin with a single tap or a mixer showerhead.

Whatever you choose, we'll advise you on your choice of kitchen sink and install it for you to the highest standards.

Replacing a tap

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Do you want to replace your tap because the old one is broken or because you want a new model? You now have a wide range of taps to choose from. The main difference, of course, is whether you want to replace your kitchen tap or you've decided on a new tap for the bathroom. Mixer taps are currently the most commonly used. This tap handles both hot and cold water, making it ideal for the bathroom. These days, many people are also replacing their kitchen taps with mixer taps to manage cold, hot or boiling water. Have you made your choice? Think of Ajusto for the plumbing installation of your taps.

plumbing installation tap
plumbing installation shower tray

Installing a shower tray

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Does your shower tray need replacing or would you like to install a new shower? Are you renovating your bathroom? One of the most important tasks is installing your shower tray. Plumbing a shower tray isn't very difficult, but it's important that it's done properly. Although fitting a shower tray may seem like a routine job, it requires the intervention of a recognised specialist. Not only does it need to be levelled, but all the pipes and water mains also need to be connected correctly. What many people forget is that the shower tray must be sealed so that it's completely watertight.

Call in a qualified plumber for your work

If you have it done by our plumber qualified in plumbing installation, you can be sure that the shower tray will be correctly positioned and installed. Entrust your project to Ajusto! We'll take care of all the work involved. Avoid the hassle. Ajusto will send you a specialist to renovate your bathroom. He'll give you a non-biding estimate on the day and at the time that suits you.

Installing a wall-hung toilet

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Wall-hung toilets are popular and have many advantages. As well as saving space and adding style, they also make maintenance much easier.

Installing a wall-hung toilet requires you to follow a few plumbing installation steps. It's advisable to have it done by a qualified professional. The first step is to remove the existing toilet. To do this, he'll turn off the water supply tap and disconnect the tank. Next, he'll fix the frame about 40 cm off the ground, making sure it's level. After drilling the holes, he will fix the toilet to the wall using the threaded rods. He will then fix the frame and place the wall panel before taking care of the final finishing touches. Finally, he'll clean up afterwards. You can now enjoy your new wall-hung toilet.

plumbing installation wall-hung toilet
plumbing installation toilet

Installing a toilet

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Does your toilet need replacing or are you no longer happy with the toilet you have now? Our plumbing installation specialists can help. Placing a conventional or wall-hung toilet is difficult for many people. What's more, there's also a difference between installing a conventional or wall-hung toilet. There are a number of things you need to consider. For example, the toilet must be properly connected to the water supply and all pipes (such as drains and water supply) must also be carefully concealed under the floor or in the walls. For this reason, it's not a job that just anyone can do. It is therefore advisable to call in our plumber to install your toilet.

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The plumbing installation of the shower went very well. The plumber's work was meticulous, nothing to say.



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I was very satisfied with Ajusto's professionalism and follow-up, as well as with the professional plumber who carried out the work in my bathroom cleanly and efficiently.



Bath installation

Ajusto sent me a plumber who was very efficient, fast and effective. He was able to install my bathtub without a hitch. Very pleasant! I recommend you 300%! I'll keep your contact details for next time



Toilet installation

I am very happy with the work carried out. The plumber's kindness, helpfulness and workmanship are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.



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