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outside landscaping

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outside landscaping garden shed

Garden shed

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You've just treated yourself to the garden shed of your dreams or you just can't decide? Don't feel up to installing it yourself? No problem. It's true that it's not an easy task. Our Ajusto outside landscaping specialist is there to help you from start to finish.

First of all, he'll help you choose the ideal location, based on the amount of light, the vegetation and the place that will make your life easier. Next, he'll assess the quality of the soil. He will prepare the ground to ensure maximum stability for your garden shed over time. Good foundations are the foundation of everything. Finally, he will carefully assemble the shed in complete safety.


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Put your mind at rest and let your toddlers or dog run around your garden in complete peace and safety by installing fencing. There are several options available. A simple wire fence is an inexpensive solution that makes it easy to demarcate a plot of land. A palisade fence made of wood, concrete, aluminium or PVC lets you close off your property while keeping out unwanted onlookers.

Whatever your choice, our outside landscaping specialist will offer you the solution that delimits your plot, protects you from the outside world and blends in harmoniously with the style of your home.

outside landscaping fences
outside landscaping portal


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For optimum security and privacy, consider having a gate installed. A gate is an essential part of your home. It has to blend harmoniously into your home, but it also has to be practical.

Whether your gate is made of wood, pvc, metal, aluminium or wrought iron, Ajusto has the right Pro for the job. You choose with him the materials you want to use and the type of gate: sliding, motorised sliding, swing gate or wicket gate.

Ajusto commits itself to carrying out every outside landscaping project in the shortest possible time and with all the professionalism that characterises us, taking into account your wishes and your budget.


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The installation of outdoor lighting will provide you with safety, functionality, signposting, comfort or extended evenings on your terrace. Choose to illuminate your garden with Ajusto. Our professional will install the lighting of your choice in complete safety and in harmony with your garden.

He will ensure that the electrical circuits are as rational as possible, and will make the necessary trenches to bury the cables in the ground to a depth of at least 60 cm, in compliance with strict standards. He will connect the line to the general distribution board, inserting a high-sensitivity 30 mA differential device upstream to protect the circuit. Opt for manual or automatic lighting based on motion detectors to avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity.

outside landscaping lights
outside landscaping barbecue


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A beautiful barbecue in your garden adds style and undeniable practicality. What's more, it's built to last. Assembling a barbecue requires a great deal of care and expertise before you can enjoy the charm of outdoor cooking with virtually no maintenance and in glorious sunshine.

First and foremost, your Pro Ajusto will check where you want to install the barbecue. It shouldn't be too close to vegetation, and the direction of the smoke should be taken into account so as not to inconvenience you. The ground on which you decide to place the barbecue is also important. Depending on its weight, you may have to dig a foundation or lay it on a slab.

So, are you convinced? Trust Ajusto to send you a professional outside landscaping who will install your barbecue according to the rules of the trade. Let the party begin!

Your outside landscaping work by an Ajusto professional

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The outside landscaping of your home is a key element in creating a pleasant living space. Whether you're landscaping a garden, terrace, pathways or outdoor spaces, the expertise of a company specialising in landscaping is essential if you want quality work.

Masonry work, wooden decking, paving and low walls are all key elements in personalising your garden design. Creating an outdoor space is a landscaping project in its own right, requiring earthworks, fencing and drainage work. Experienced landscape gardeners will be able to advise you on the choice of materials to achieve a harmonious result.

Creating a garden, laying paving stones and designing gardens are all outside landscaping projects that can be customised to suit your wishes and needs. Pergolas, verandas, garden sheds and arbours can be installed to make the most of the landscape and the relaxation area. Borders, light fittings, fountains and fencing will add an aesthetic touch to your garden.

The outside landscaping company will offer a wide range of surfaces for paths, terraces and gardens: flagstones, pavers, natural stone, gravel or composites. Small-scale masonry work, the creation of green spaces and the implementation of customised outside landscaping projects are all part of our expertise in creating an exterior design that reflects your image.

For all your outside landscaping needs, ask for an estimate from our experienced gardening company, which is well established in the local landscape. We can create aesthetic, functional and sustainable landscaping projects to enhance your new outdoor living space.

outside landscaping specialist

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