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A well-cleaned façade immediately gives your home a special glow. Impeccable cornices often save a lot of trouble. And a sparkling terrace means you can make the most of your summer meals. Whether you're cleaning façades, cornices, gutters or a terrace, you can be sure of finding the right Ajusto specialist in just a few clicks, at a time that's right for you!
outside cleaning

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Cornices and gutters

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Don't neglect cleaning cornices or gutters. One in two water infiltration problems is caused by a badly maintained eaves! Whether in spring or autumn, your eaves can become cluttered with branches and leaves. Good maintenance will save you unnecessary hassle, prevent leaks and ensure a healthy roof, with no water seepage and no accelerated wear and tear caused by bad weather.

Don't risk falling off your roof if you try to do it yourself - call in an Ajusto Pro instead.

House facade

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Time takes its toll. It's not uncommon for us to repair and embellish our interiors or give our gardens a facelift. On the other hand, we tend to put off cleaning the outside of the facade, which gives your home its original character and protects it over time from the many elements.

First and foremost, our Ajusto Pro will carry out an assessment of your current façade. He will identify any visible cracks and seal them permanently. If necessary, he will also replace any bricks and check the joints and connections.

If your façade is painted or rendered (paint, cement, plaster), he will check the general condition of the materials used.

The method used can range from high-pressure or low-pressure water cleaning to complete abrasion or even the use of chemicals. Your façade may need to be renovated before it can be restored to its former glory.

In any case, you can count on a Pro Ajusto to offer you the best possible solution for the exterior cleaning of your façade and for your wallet.

outside cleaning house facade
outside cleaning terrace


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At the end of winter, it's time to give your terrace a good clean so you can enjoy the sunshine to the full. Removing moss, lichen, fungus and other stains is not always easy. Whether it's a tiled, stone or wooden deck, avoid harsh, environmentally unfriendly products that will only relieve your wallet. Don't forget to take care of your joints, which ensure the stability of your terrace and prevent dirt from seeping in.

A perfectly sparkling terrace is not a luxury thanks to your Ajusto Pro.

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Exterior cleaning of gutters, cornices, facades and terraces.

Regular cleaning of gutters, cornices, facades and terraces is essential to keep your exteriors watertight and durable. Whether your roof is made of tiles, slate or zinc, regular maintenance ensures that rainwater drains off properly and prevents infiltration problems.

Zinc, aluminium or PVC gutters play a key role in draining rainwater. Moss and debris can clog the pipes, causing water to run down façades and damaging cladding, roof timbers and cladding. Call on a team of qualified professionals for gutter cleaning, roof defoaming and downpipe maintenance.

Roofers specialising in zinc work are also skilled at renovating and repairing your zinc, aluminium or PVC gutters. Roofing work can include replacing broken tiles, repairing leaks and installing Velux roof windows. Keeping your roof watertight is essential to protect your structure and ensure the longevity of your home.

For your outside cleaning works, call on roofers experienced in zinc work. They are experts in welding and fitting techniques for zinc, aluminium and PVC gutters. They'll make sure they follow the rules of the trade and comply with safety standards, so you get quality work.

Roof insulation work is also important for improving the comfort of your home. Insulation such as glass wool or rock wool can be laid under the roof to optimise heat and sound insulation. Roofers specialising in roof insulation will be able to advise you on the materials best suited to your type of roof.

Oustide cleaning of terraces and facades is also essential to preserve the appearance of your home. Moss, algae and dirt can build up on exterior coverings, causing long-term damage. Regular outside cleaning will remove these impurities and renew the appearance of your home.

For all your gutter, cornice, facade and terrace cleaning needs, call on qualified professionals. They'll be able to advise you and carry out a meticulous job, in compliance with safety regulations and weather conditions. Their skills and know-how will guarantee lasting, attractive results for your home.

In conclusion, regular maintenance of gutters, cornices, façades and terraces is essential to ensure the durability and aesthetic appeal of your home. By entrusting this work to qualified professionals, you benefit from their expertise and skills in ensuring that your roof is watertight, that rainwater drains off and that it is protected. What's more, the cleaning and maintenance of these exterior features adds value to your property.

To meet all your cleaning and maintenance needs, our teams of professionals offer a wide range of services. From removing moss from roofs to repairing gutters and insulating roofs, they can take care of all your work. By choosing a professional, experienced roofer, you can be sure of quality work and a rapid response tailored to the requirements of your project.

Outside cleaning of gutters, cornices, façades and terraces is also an opportunity to check the condition of your installations and anticipate any necessary repairs. In the event of leaks, corrosion or damaged tiles, our specialist roofers will be able to offer you tailor-made solutions for renovating and securing your roof. They'll work with you to select the right materials, techniques and finishes, so you get a result that meets your expectations and your budget.

Finally, don't forget that regular maintenance of your roof and its ancillary components is a long-term investment. By preventing problems with waterproofing, seepage and deterioration, you can avoid higher repair costs and extend the life of your home. For all your cleaning and maintenance needs, put your trust in experienced professionals who care about your satisfaction.

In short, the cleaning and maintenance of gutters, cornices, façades and terraces is essential to preserving the quality, durability and aesthetics of your home. By entrusting these tasks to qualified professionals, you benefit from their expertise and skills to ensure that the work is meticulous and complies with current standards. Don't hesitate to call in the experts for all your outside cleaning works, and enjoy a healthy, watertight and aesthetically pleasing home.

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