Switching to rich gas

Since 2017, Belgium has been in the process of converting to rich gas. The end of lean gas, or L gas, is scheduled for 2024. You may be affected by this change. To ensure that your gas appliances are working properly, it's important to have them checked. If they are not compatible, you will need to have them adjusted or replaced.
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Rich gas verification rate

Rich gas verification rate

€ 89 (6% VAT*).

Our qualified heating engineers will check your equipment and advise you if any parts need to be changed to switch to rich gas.

Your final invoice serves as proof, but you can always ask your heating engineer to provide you with a specific document certifying that your rich gas appliances are compliant.

Check here if you are directly affected by the switch to rich gas.

*A VAT rate of 21% applies for a house less than 10 years old.

Which appliances are affected by rich gas?

The most common gas appliances in the home are boilers, cookers and hobs, decorative stoves and fireplaces, water heaters and convectors.

You should also be aware that appliances bought abroad or dating from 1978 or later are generally not compatible with rich gas.

If you own a vehicle that runs on LPG or CNG, or if you have appliances that run on bottled gas (butane or propane), they are not affected by this conversion.

Renter or owner, who pays?

As a landlord, you have to bear the costs of the rich gas check, any adjustments and the replacement of parts or even the appliance itself if it is not compatible with rich gas.

As a tenant, you must bear these costs if, and only if, you own the appliance.

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Rich gas + boiler maintenance

Take advantage of your gas boiler maintenance (€169) by an Ajusto Pro to have your appliances checked for rich gas compatibility.


Gas boilers must be serviced every 2 years in Brussels.


In Wallonia, maintenance is carried out every 2 years if your gas boiler has an output of more than 100 kWh. Otherwise, it must be serviced every 3 years.


In Flanders, maintenance is required every 2 years for gas boilers of 20 kWh or more.

By making an appointment with Ajusto, you can be sure of having a qualified professional on the day and at the time that suits you. Need to unclog a toilet? A leak to identify? A radiator to fit or a boiler to maintain? Our plumbers and heating engineers are available for all types of work.

You can also call on a plumber-heating engineer to repair your heating system, water heater, radiators, heat pump, leaks, rich gas, underfloor heating or other gas heating appliances.

He can also sweep, maintain and repair gas or oil-fired boilers.

Why check the compatibility of your boiler?

If you currently use propane or natural gas, you may be affected by the switch to rich gas. Rich gas is a mixture of natural gas and town gas that has a higher gas content than other types of gas. This mixture is stored and distributed in the gas distribution network in Belgium. Rich gas is increasingly used because it offers better energy efficiency and lower consumption. However, it may not be compatible with all boilers, which is why it is important to have the compatibility of your boiler checked.

Different types of gas in Belgium

There are several types of gas in Belgium, including propane, natural gas and town gas. Propane gas is stored in tanks and is mainly used in homes that are not connected to the natural gas network. Natural gas is delivered by gas suppliers and is mainly used in homes that are connected to the gas network. City gas is a mixture of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) that is used in large towns and cities in Belgium.

The importance of checking the compatibility of your boiler

If you currently use propane or natural gas, it's important to check that your boiler is compatible with rich gas. Some boilers are not designed to work with this type of gas and may need to be replaced. If your boiler is not compatible with rich gas, you may experience problems with heating and hot water production.

To check your boiler's compatibility with rich gas, it's advisable to contact a boiler professional. They will be able to carry out a full inspection of your boiler and advise you on the steps you need to take to ensure safe and efficient use of rich gas. If your boiler is not compatible with rich gas, they will be able to recommend alternative solutions to ensure the comfort of your home.

The transition to rich gas is a crucial step towards more efficient and environmentally-friendly gas consumption. This transition involves checking the compatibility of appliances and adapting domestic gas installations to ensure that the connection to natural gas is made safely.

Gas suppliers and network operators are responsible for distributing natural gas and supplying gas to gas meters in homes. They work closely together to ensure efficient management of the distribution network and to offer competitive gas prices.

When switching to rich gas, it is important to check that your gas installation is compatible with this new type of fuel. Burning rich gas produces less carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide than other gas sources, which helps to reduce the environmental impact of gas use.

Switching to rich gas can also lead to energy savings, as this type of gas offers better combustion and greater energy efficiency. This means lower gas consumption and lower costs for domestic hot water and heating.

By ensuring that your installation is correctly connected and supplied with natural gas, you can minimise the risk of gas leaks and carbon monoxide emissions. Modern gas meters also allow you to monitor your natural gas consumption accurately, making it easier to manage your energy consumption.

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Rich gas control

I took advantage of my boiler maintenance to have it checked for compatibility with rich gas. The maintenance and check went well, so I'm set for life!



Rich gas control

I called Ajusto to find out whether my boiler could accept rich gas. The heating engineer was very friendly and the check was carried out quickly.



Rich gas control

Very courteous and friendly heating engineer. Checked if my boiler was compatible with rich gas. Unfortunately I need to replace a part but they gave me a fair estimate straight away. Top service.



Rich gas control

Everything went smoothly and professionally. Very good contact and the price was right. Oualid the heating engineer is really very nice.



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