Chimney sweeping

Chimney sweeping is a legal obligation. You can't avoid it. You must therefore sweep your chimney in the same way as you maintain your boiler. If you are a tenant, this is your obligation.
chimney sweeping

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Chimney sweeping rates

Chimney sweeping rates

€ 129* per chimney to be swept from below. A specific estimate will be provided if the chimney has to be swept from above.

€ 80* per additional chimney.

€ 329* if you combine your oil-fired boiler maintenance (worth €219) with chimney sweeping.

*A VAT rate of 21% applies for a house less than 10 years old.

Please note that a chimney with a flue pipe must NOT be swept!

Our specialist can sweep

  • Oil-fired boiler

  • Wood-burning stove

  • Pellet stove


  • Use of professional equipment

  • Environmental protection to avoid fallout

  • Chimney sweeping certificate

Please note that the chimney must be accessible for sweeping.

If repairs are required, these will be the subject of a separate estimate submitted for your approval before the sweeping.

When, why and how?

When should a chimney sweep be carried out?

There's no particularly good time to have your chimney swept. But to avoid waiting too long, it's better to do it in late spring rather than when autumn arrives! In any case, you should have your chimney swept at least once a year.

Why sweep a chimney?

Apart from the legal obligation, a properly maintained chimney avoids the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning or chimney fires.

What's more, by sweeping your chimney you're helping to combat pollution by reducing toxic fumes. At the same time, you avoid wasting energy, because deposits of soot, tar or ash inevitably lead to excessive fuel consumption. So having your chimney swept also saves you money! What's more, in the event of a claim, if the chimney flue has not been swept properly, your insurance may not cover the costs. The same applies to wood or pellet stoves. Burning a log or pellets can produce a lot of smoke or cause a chimney fire if the flues are poorly maintained.

How do you sweep a chimney?

The qualified chimney sweep inserts a hedgehog - the famous metal rod topped with a round brush - into the flue to clean it and remove soot, tar and any deposits. The flues in your chimneys must allow the smoke to escape properly.

chimney sweeping professional
chimney sweeping sweep

Why have your chimney swept by Ajusto?

The Ajusto Pro doesn't just do a quick "sweep", but will sweep your entire chimney from top to bottom. He'll use the right equipment and carry out his work in a way that protects your home as much as possible. Be aware that chimney sweeping is a very dirty operation. The time needed to sweep a chimney varies from one chimney to another.

As well as sweeping your chimney, our chimney sweeps are heating engineers specialising in gas boiler maintenance, oil boiler maintenance, boiler or wood stove repairs and new boiler installation.

Chimney sweeping certificate

After the sweep, you'll receive your invoice by email. Don't lose it! It serves as your chimney sweeping certificate. It can be very important, especially in the event of a fire. It's very important to be able to show your certificate or invoice to your insurer. Without it, the insurer runs the risk of not covering all the costs! Some insurers even reward their policyholders with a reduction in premium if they carry out regular maintenance on their chimney.

Chimney sweeping by a qualified professional

Chimney sweeping is an essential part of ensuring that your heating appliances, whether wood-burning, gas-fired, pellet-burning or open fires, function properly and safely. It's important to have your chimney and flue swept regularly by a qualified professional to prevent the risk of fire and related poisoning.

During the heating season, the use of different fuels such as wood, fuel oil, pellets or logs can lead to clogging of the flue. This deposit of soot and tar on the inside walls of the flue can increase the risk of fire and reduce the efficiency of gas and smoke extraction. Chimney sweeping removes this residue and ensures that your heating systems are properly ventilated and maintained.

When it comes to chimney sweeping, it's important to use an approved and qualified company that complies with current standards and works to the highest professional standards. These professionals use a sweeping kit comprising a wire brush, a sweeping rod and a pole to clean the chimney, the flue and the pipes, depending on their length and diameter. They also check that the flue lining and connections are in good condition.

Annual chimney sweeping is compulsory for homes with wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves or oil-fired boilers. Insurance companies often require annual maintenance and the presentation of a certificate issued by an approved professional (the invoice serving as the certificate). If you fail to comply with this requirement, damage caused by a chimney fire may not be covered by your insurance company.

By calling in a professional in chimney sweeping, you avoid the risks associated with using a hoover or cleaning flues inappropriately. Good maintenance helps to prevent the risk of fires starting, soot deposits catching fire, flues becoming blocked and causing poisoning. What's more, regular chimney sweeping saves energy and ensures the longevity of your heating appliances.

For your own safety and that of the people around you, use a qualified company to sweep and maintain your chimney flues. Don't forget to install smoke detectors and follow the safety instructions for using your heating appliances safely, to avoid the risk of fire and poisoning.

chimney sweeping certificate

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Chimney sweeping

The heating engineer was impeccable: polite, careful and clean after the sweep. Nothing to complain about! Would recommend! Thank you Ajusto


La Louvière

Chimney sweeping

Chimney swept impeccably. Not a trace of soot. Thank you for your service!



Chimney sweeping

The chimney sweep was punctual, reassuring about Covid standards and his work was well done. I would recommend him.



Chimney sweeping

Everything went smoothly and professionally. Very good contact and the price was right. Oualid the heating engineer is really very nice.



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