Heat pump maintenance

Regular maintenance of your heat pump is not only recommended, it's essential. Just as your car needs regular oil changes to keep running at optimum efficiency, your heat pump deserves the same level of attention. The smooth operation and longevity of your equipment depend on it.
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Heat pump maintenance: prices and type of maintenance

€249 leak check by an approved refrigeration engineer included*.

The price includes the maintenance of one indoor unit. Add €99 for each additional indoor unit.

A heat pump maintenance lasts around 1 hour, depending on the condition of the appliance. A heat pump maintenance is not a repair. Your appliance must therefore be in working order and easily accessible.

  • Cleaning the outdoor and indoor units

  • Check condensate drainage

  • Check the temperature of the heat exchangers

  • Check refrigerant circuit for leaks

  • Tighten electrical connections

  • Check expansion tank

  • Clean filters (if present)

  • Check the thermostat

At the end of the heat pump maintenance, you will receive a leakage certificate from the refrigeration engineer.

*A VAT rate of 21% applies to homes less than 10 years old.

Benefits of regular heat pump maintenance

Although there is no legal requirement for heat pump maintenance, it is still advisable to carry out annual maintenance. Autumn is often the ideal time for maintenance, just before the cold season.

1. Increased efficiency

A well-maintained heat pump operates at peak efficiency. With no build-up of dirt and a well-regulated system, it doesn't have to work any harder than necessary. What's more, by avoiding blockages and ensuring that all components are working properly, you reduce the risk of overheating, which could otherwise reduce its efficiency.

2. Longer service life

Regular heat pump maintenance can detect potential problems before they become serious. Replacing a faulty part in time is often cheaper than repairing major damage.

3. Constant comfort

Heat pump maintenance ensures that the heat pump operates constantly, avoiding unexpected temperature fluctuations. With the right heat pump maintenance, your heat pump will be ready to cope with both the hottest periods and the coldest months, guaranteeing you comfort all year round.

4. Energy savings

A heat pump that operates efficiently consumes less energy, because it doesn't have to compensate for deficiencies or malfunctions. Less consumption means lower costs. In the long term, the investment in regular maintenance pays for itself in savings on your electricity bills.

benefits heat pump maintenance
heat pump maintenance refrigeration specialist

The importance of using a qualified professional

Entrusting heat pump maintenance to a qualified refrigeration engineer is essential. This professional has the expertise needed to detect any potential problems and ensure that your appliance is operating at its optimum level. What's more, he or she will be able to give you invaluable advice on how to maximise the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment. He is also the only person authorised to manage the refrigeration part of your installation, so he can issue you with the compulsory leakage certificate.

Don't leave your heat pump without the attention it deserves. Contact a professional today to schedule your maintenance.

The different types of heat pump

The efficiency of your heat pump, whether it's an air/air heat pump, air/water heat pump, geothermal heat pump or aerothermal heat pump, depends largely on the quality of its maintenance. Proper heat pump maintenance ensures that the refrigerant circulates efficiently, that the refrigerant retains its properties and that the outdoor unit is in perfect working order.

Heat pumps use refrigerant to capture calories from the outside air or the ground (in the case of geothermal energy) and release them in the form of heat to your home. This transfer of heat is essential for heating the water in your central heating system, whether for radiators, underfloor heating or domestic hot water production. In the case of reversible pumps, they can also cool your home in summer.

If you have opted for an air/water heat pump, the efficiency of your heating system depends on a good exchange between the outside air and the heat transfer fluid. Air/air heat pumps, on the other hand, rely on the circulation of ambient air through indoor units, often in the form of splits.

The choice of heat pump also depends on your heating requirements and the layout of your home. Geothermal heat pumps take advantage of the geothermal heat contained in the ground, while aerothermal heat pumps harness the energy contained in the air. Water/water heat pumps, which are less common, harness the heat from groundwater or water sources.

Energy consumption is a crucial factor. A heat pump with a good coefficient of performance (COP) ensures that for every 1 kWh of electrical energy consumed, several kWh of thermal energy are produced. This translates into a significant reduction in your energy bill.

It's essential to assess the outside temperature, because in very cold weather, if the heat pump is not of the high-temperature type or is not equipped with inverter technology, it could struggle to provide enough heat. In this case, a back-up system, such as a boiler or electric heater, may be required.

Efficient heat pump maintenance also involves checking the heat emitters, such as low-temperature radiators or fan convectors. The tightness of the refrigerant circuit is crucial, as a fluid leak can reduce the efficiency of the system and have an environmental impact.

In short, heat pump maintenance - whether reversible, aerothermal, geothermal or any other type - is essential to ensure optimum performance, reduce your heating bills and extend the system's lifespan. A qualified professional, such as a heating engineer or refrigeration engineer, is essential for this maintenance and to ensure that your system remains environmentally friendly and economical.

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Heat pump maintenance

I used Ajusto for the maintenance on my heat pump, and I've never been so satisfied with a service. The team were professional, punctual and took the time to explain every stage of the work. Since then, my heat pump has been working like new. A big thank you to Ajusto!



Heat pump maintenance

I'd been worried about the maintenance of my heat pump for a while, but with Ajusto I've finally found a company I can trust. The technician was very competent and even gave me a few tips on how to optimise the performance of my appliance. I can highly recommend their services!



Heat pump maintenance

Great service! I was a bit sceptical at first, having had bad experiences with other companies. But Ajusto changed my mind. The maintenance on my heat pump went off without a hitch, and I've noticed a marked improvement in its efficiency. Well done Ajusto!



Heat pump maintenance

Ajusto was a great help with the maintenance on my heat pump. Their team is serious, dedicated and makes customer satisfaction a point of honour. I particularly appreciated the transparency of their work. I wouldn't hesitate to call on them again for other services in the future.



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