Demudding is an important process for ensuring the longevity and performance of your heating system. Over time, impurities and limescale deposits can build up in pipes and radiators, reducing the flow of hot water and leading to a loss of energy efficiency. The aim of descaling is to remove these impurities and deposits to improve the performance of the installation and avoid potential problems such as leaks, blockages and breakdowns. Prices start from €450.

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Demudding methods

Demudding methods

From 450€. A detailed estimate will be established by the Pro before the work is carried out.

There are several methods of removing the deposits from a central heating system, but the most common involves manually draining the pipes and radiators, using specific chemicals to dissolve the deposits. However, it is important to choose the most appropriate method depending on the nature of the heating network and the deposits that have built up. In all cases, it is advisable to start by draining the entire system.

Steps in demudding


The heating engineer contacts you to find out about your heating circuit installation.


The Pro will inject one or more cleaning products depending on the condition of the installation. He then uses a cleaning machine that uses a targeted and powerful flow of fresh water (up to 99l/min) to quickly and completely remove sludge, limescale and debris from existing and contaminated domestic central heating systems.


When cleaning is complete, the Pro will rinse the system, heating it one step at a time. It refills the system with clean fresh water.


Once the circuit has been rinsed, the Pro restarts the entire system by injecting a product to protect your system. He accompanies you to go round the radiators and bleed them. You'll see the difference straight away.


A detailed report with photos will be sent to you by the heating plumber after the job.

Steps in demudding
Advantages of demudding

Advantages of demudding

When carried out correctly, demudding can have a significant impact on the performance of the heating system. Firstly, it allows hot water to circulate more smoothly, resulting in better heat distribution in the radiator. What's more, by eliminating limescale deposits, demudding reduces the risk of blockages and leaks, which can lead to costly breakdowns and unnecessary repairs. Finally, by improving the energy efficiency of the heating system, demudding can reduce energy consumption and the associated energy costs.

It's important to have your heating system checked and demudded regularly, usually once a year. This can be done by a certified professional or a qualified technician. When demudding, it is important to ensure that all parts of the heating system are cleaned, including pipes, drains, radiators and circulators, to ensure optimum performance.

Demudding by a qualified professional

Demudding is a crucial step in improving the performance of your heating system and ensuring that it runs smoothly in the long term. It's important not to neglect this process, as accumulated impurities and limescale deposits can lead to problems such as leaks, blockages and breakdowns, which can cost a lot in repairs and unnecessary energy costs. In addition, demudding can improve the energy efficiency of your central heating system, which can reduce your energy consumption and save you money on your energy bill.

When you choose an Ajusto professional to carry out the demudding of your heating system, you can be sure of getting a professional who has proven experience and is qualified to carry out this type of work. Finally, it's important to look after your heating system by carrying out annual maintenance on your boiler and regularly removing the deposits. This will ensure that your heating system is working efficiently and prevent potential problems in the long term. So don't forget to plan to remove the limescale from your heating system to improve its performance and save energy.

Demudding is an important step in the maintenance of your heating system. It cleans heating systems such as underfloor heating, boilers and pipes to remove sludge and other build-up that can damage the water circuit. If you notice a drop in the performance of your air-conditioning or hot-water production system, it may be time to call in a plumber-heating engineer to carry out a purge and drain. Demudding may also be necessary if you are replacing a boiler or have recurring problems with leaky taps. Call in a professional to remove the deposits and get your heating system up and running again.

Demudding by a qualified professional

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I recently called in Ajusto to descale my central heating system and I'm very pleased with the result. The performance of my system has improved and I've noticed a significant reduction in my energy bill. I highly recommend Ajusto for their professionalism and efficiency.




The professional from Ajusto did an exceptional job of demudding my heating system. Their team was fast, efficient and very professional, even though it was quite expensive. I'm very happy with their service and would recommend them without hesitation.




The demudding carried out by Ajusto has considerably improved the energy performance of my heating system. The pipes flow better and I can now enjoy constant heat throughout my house. I am very grateful for their service.




I was impressed with the quality of the demudding service provided by Ajusto. Their team were knowledgeable and worked quickly to remove the sludge build up in my heating pipes. I would highly recommend Ajusto for their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.



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