The Energy Performance Certificate or EPC indicates the theoretical energy consumption of a building. Issued by the regions, it is mandatory when you sell or rent an existing or new building that is subject to planning and environmental permits.

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EPC: our prices

EPC prices vary according to the size of the house, the number of rooms and the facades.

  • Studio/flat: €229

  • House with 2 facades: €289

  • House with 3 facades: €309

  • House with 4 facades: €325

  • Exceptional properties: on request

Prices include 21% VAT. The certificate will be issued once the service has been paid for.

Prepare your EPB with a checklist

The energy expert draws up the energy performance certificate (EPC) on the basis of his on-site findings. As not all properties are visible on site, the energy expert can also rely on specific supporting documents (see checklist). These are documents available to you as the owner that demonstrate the presence and properties of insulation, materials or appliances. The energy certifier will indicate on the checklist which documents he has received.

Objectives and procedures of the EPC

The EPC states the energy performance and cost of the property you are interested in. It provides an objective comparison with the rest of the property market. Finally, it suggests ways of improving energy performance.

Valid for 10 years, the document must be issued before the property is put up for sale or rent. It must be given to the buyer or tenant before the contracts are signed. The buyer must be given the original, while the tenant may be satisfied with a copy of the certificate. Delivery of the certificate must be clearly stated in the contract.

The EPC certificate is produced by a qualified certifier appointed by the owner. Certification varies according to various parameters, such as the surface area of the house or building, the number of rooms and the number of facades.

The energy performance of the building can be analysed on the basis of a site visit and the documents provided by the owner or architect. These must be evaluated under standard conditions of use and climate.

EPC certificate
content EPC

Content of the EPC certificate

The EPC certificate includes various elements that are essential for calculating energy performance. These include:

  • Heat requirements (insulation, air tightness, etc.)

  • The performance of the boiler and sanitary installations

  • The presence of a ventilation system

  • The presence of renewable energy systems

  • Recommendations for improvements

The EPC certificate mentions the identification number, the total primary energy consumption (in kWh per year), the specific primary energy consumption (in kWh/m² per year) and the energy label. Expressed in letters (from A to G), this coding reflects the specific primary energy consumption per year and per m².

EPC: your roadmap to an eco-responsible home

Understanding the energy performance of your property is vital in a world increasingly focused on sustainable development. Having an EPC certificate is not just a legal requirement; it also gives the owner a clear picture of the potential improvements that can be made to their property. By choosing to carry out an EPC audit, you are giving yourself the opportunity to identify the main sources of energy loss in your home.

The intervention of the EPC auditor, an expert in energy savings, is a key stage. Thanks to his expertise, Ajusto can guide and advise you on the priority measures you need to take to improve the energy efficiency of your house or flat. We are your partner in estab lishing an investment strategy, targeting renovations and improvements that will offer the best return on investment. In short, the EPC certificate is much more than just a document: it's your roadmap to an eco-responsible, cost-effective home.

Don't hesitate to call on Ajusto to interpret your EPC certificate and offer you estimates for improving your energy performance.

EPC eco-responsible home
penalties epc

Penalties by region

In Wallonia, anyone failing to provide an EPC certificate will be liable to an administrative fine of €1.000. Failure to publish or transmit the certificate is punishable by a fine of €500.

In the Brussels Region, the EPC certificate is issued by Brussels Environment. It applies to all residential buildings and offices over 500m². Carbon dioxide emissions must be specified. Failure to obtain a certificate can result in a penal sanction or an administrative fine of between €62,50 and €2.500.

In Flanders, the energieprestatiecertificaat (EPC) has been compulsory since 1 October 2008 for all sales of residential property. Fines for failure to obtain the certificate range from €500 to €1.000.

What is the partial EPC report in Wallonia?

The partial report is only drawn up for flat blocks in Wallonia.

Each condominium association must have a partial report for common installations (ventilation, solar panels, heating, etc.) as specified in the government decree. This partial report must be accessible to all co-owners.

The partial report is specific to situations where there are several units (flats, offices, etc.) in the same building. If the building is divided into different units with different owners, and only part of the building is sold or rented out, then a partial EPC report is required.

Here's what the partial EPC report consists of in the context of EPC certification:

  1. Identification of the building and the unit: The report specifies which parts of the building are concerned by the certification.

  2. Data specific to the unit: This relates, for example, to surface area, insulation, heating systems, etc.

  3. Indication of the unit's specific energy performance: As with a full report, the partial report gives an estimate of the unit's energy consumption, in kilowatt-hours per square metre per year.

  4. Recommendations for improving energy performance: These recommendations are specific to the unit in question.

It is important to note that the partial report does not replace the need for an EPC certificate for the building as a whole. It is simply added to the overall certificate to provide information specific to the part of the building that is being sold or rented.

partial EPC report

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