Asbestos inventory

Asbestos, once praised for its insulating properties and fire resistance, is today identified as a major source of health risks, especially due to the inhalation of microscopic fibres. In Belgium, if you own a dwelling or building, it is crucial to understand your legal obligations in terms of asbestos detection and managing the risks of exposure to asbestos.
Asbestos inventory

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Asbestos inventory pricing

The price of the asbestos inventory will be determined based on the surface area of your dwelling:

  • Garage box (< 40 m²): €399

  • Studio (< 60 m²): €429

  • Less than 120 m²: €475

  • Between 120 m² en 250 m²: €550

  • Between 250 m² en 450 m²: €650

  • More than 450 m²: based on estimate

The price for asbestos inventory includes the collection and analysis of two samples. An additional €69 will be charged per extra sample.

Prices are mentioned with 21% VAT included.

Legal obligations and subsidies

Since the discovery of the dangers of asbestos fibres, notably severe lung diseases, asbestos has been banned. The asbestos inventory, an integral part of the property diagnosis, is an essential report that identifies the presence of materials and products containing asbestos. There are two types of inventories: destructive and non-destructive, focusing on asbestos-containing materials, false ceilings, asbestos cement pipes, and other risk areas.

Since 2022, a technical asbestos file is mandatory when selling a dwelling built before 2001. From 2032, every owner of a building constructed before this date will need to have a validated technical asbestos inventory, regardless of the desire to sell.

Be aware that in Flanders, aid is available for the detection and treatment of asbestos: OVAM Vlaanderen. In Wallonia, a subsidy is available to cover 50% of the cost of collecting, grouping and disposing of asbestos waste.

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asbestos inventory process

Asbestos inventory process

The asbestos inventory includes:

  • Visual inspection: a certified expert conducts a thorough visual check to detect the presence of materials and products likely to contain asbestos fibres.

  • Sampling and analysis: samples are taken for comprehensive laboratory analysis.

  • Asbestos inventory report: this document includes the location of the asbestos-containing materials, their condition, and recommendations for the removal of the materials or their management, including de-asbestos interventions.

The duration of the asbestos inventory process varies depending on the size of the building and the availability of experts, but it generally falls between 7 and 14 days.

Trust Ajusto's experts

Do not risk the health of your loved ones. Respect legal obligations and opt for a professional in asbestos inventory before any renovation or demolition work. Our certified experts are equipped to identify and manage the risks associated with asbestos. Afterwards we can advise you on rehabilitation works, the execution of subsequent works, and the removal of asbestos.

Prevent health risks and comply with regulations

Take the necessary measures today for a safe environment. Contact Ajusto for an asbestos inventory before demolition, the completion of a comprehensive diagnosis, or for any intervention requiring an examination of works related to asbestos. Your safety and that of your property are our priority. Protect yourself now against the risks associated with asbestos.

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Asbestos inventory

Ajusto made the asbestos inventory of my old house simple and reassuring. Their team was very professional and answered all my questions.



Asbestos inventory

Before selling my flat, I chose Ajusto for the asbestos inventory. Their efficiency and transparency really facilitated the process, despite a slight delay in the appointment.



Asbestos inventory

Ajusto carried out a full asbestos inventory before I started renovating my property. Thanks to them, I was able to proceed in complete safety.



Asbestos inventory

When we used Ajusto to carry out the asbestos inventory of our family home, we were impressed by their expertise and their caring approach.



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