Air conditioning maintenance

Having an air conditioning system maintained means saving money in the long term. Furthermore, you need a qualified Pro to maintain your air conditioning, as refrigerants should only be handled by professionals. Finally, at the end of the maintenance, the Pro will issue you with the required periodic certificate.
Air conditioning maintenance

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Air conditioning maintenance by a qualified refrigeration specialist

€ 179 for one air conditioning unit and €99 per extra unit (6% VAT incl.) excluding material. Travel is included in the price.

Have your air conditioning maintenance carried out by a qualified refrigeration specialist. There are many advantages:

  • Ensuring it is working properly

  • Keeping the air in your home clean

  • Eliminating odours and preventing the proliferation of bacteria and viruses

  • Ensuring your equipment lasts longer

  • Reduce your energy consumption

Does your air conditioner need maintenance?

Mandatory air conditioning maintenance

It's easy to find out what the legal requirements are for air conditioning maintenance. Check the amount of refrigerant your system may contain. If it contains less than 3 kilos of refrigerant, air conditioning maintenance is not compulsory.

In other cases, the following rules apply:

  • >3 kg of refrigerant: compulsory annual maintenance

  • >30 kg of refrigerant: compulsory half-yearly maintenance

  • >300 kg of refrigerant: compulsory quarterly maintenance

While it's true that air conditioning maintenance isn't always mandatory, it is sometimes necessary. If everything is running smoothly, we still recommend that you have your air conditioning serviced once a year to ensure maximum efficiency. Look out for signs that your air conditioning needs servicing:

  • If your air conditioner makes more noise than usual: the filters are probably clogged.

  • Cooling capacity has decreased: it takes longer to cool a room. The cause is probably the refrigerant level, which is too low.

  • An increase in the energy bill may also indicate that the system is being poorly maintained.

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Use a pro in air conditioning maintenance

The Pro will carry out a leak test, gas test, defrosting and maintenance of the filters and other parts. At the end of the maintenance, he'll give you an official certificate that meets the requirements for air conditioning maintenance as required by law. The price varies according to the type of air conditioner, the number of units and the time spent on maintenance. In all cases, the pro will give you an estimate before the maintenance work begins.

We work with the best brands

If you are required to have your air conditioner serviced, you must call on an approved technician. Whatever your project, we work with the leading brands of air conditioners such as: Carrier, Daikin, Alpatec. LG, Airwell, Fujitsu, etc. Our Pro takes care of the installation, repair and maintenance of your equipment. He'll also take care of starting up the system when it is first installed, and check that it's working properly.

Would you like to install an air conditioning system in your home? Do you need to repair or maintain it? Are you having trouble choosing from all the offers on the market? Then you have nothing to worry about. Ajusto is here to help you throughout the process. If you're looking for durable, efficient equipment, don't hesitate to contact us. We guarantee you the best service, from the sale of a system to its installation, repair and maintenance, in compliance with current standards.

Air conditioning maintenance by an Ajusto Pro

Air conditioning maintenance is essential to ensure optimum performance and prolong the life of your air conditioning system. Whether you have a reversible air conditioner, a heat pump or a split air conditioner, regular maintenance will help you avoid major problems and make significant energy savings.

There are several stages to air conditioning maintenance. The first is to inspect the refrigerant circuit, in particular the compressor, evaporator and condenser. It's important to check these components for leaks of refrigerant. The energy efficiency of the air conditioner can be seriously affected if refrigerant escapes.

Cleaning the indoor and outdoor units is also part of air conditioning maintenance. Dust and mould can accumulate in the ventilation grilles, which can affect indoor air quality and the performance of the air conditioner. Bad smells are often a sign of mould build-up in the air conditioner.

Checking the noise level is also an important part of air conditioning maintenance. A noisy air conditioner may be a sign of a problem with the fan or some other malfunction.

During air conditioning maintenance, it's also essential to check the air flow and temperature of the cold air produced by the air conditioner. If the air is not cool enough, this could be due to a problem with the refrigerant gas or to poor evacuation of the hot air.

The air-conditioning ducts should also be inspected and cleaned during air-conditioning maintenance. If the ducts are blocked, this can affect the airflow and efficiency of the air conditioner.

If you have any doubts about whether your air conditioning is working properly, call in an approved air conditioning company. These professionals are able to identify and resolve common problems, recharge the refrigerant if necessary, and advise on the use and maintenance of your air conditioning.

In short, regular maintenance of your air conditioning system not only ensures healthier, fresher air in hot weather, it also means significant energy savings on your electricity bill. Whatever type of appliance you have - mobile or fixed air conditioning, reversible or non-reversible air conditioning - air conditioning maintenance is a guarantee of thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

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Air conditioning maintenance

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Air conditioning maintenance

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Air conditioning maintenance

The maintenance on my air conditioning was more than necessary. The air in my house is as fresh as it was the first day. Very satisfied.



Air conditioning maintenance

Maintenance and minor repairs to my air conditioning in record time. Well done to Said, the Ajusto Pro, who is very friendly and efficient.



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