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Entrust your interior finishing work to an Ajusto specialist! Stripping, repairing walls, ceilings, wallpapering or painting: we'll send a qualified Ajusto specialist to your home at a competitive price! Ask for a free quote.
Interior finishing

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Interior finishing: small details that make all the difference

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A perfect, smooth wall corner finish. A discreet, hard-wearing window surround. A shower tray to be repointed to prevent leaks and mould. Tailor-made skirting boards. A perfectly smooth wall. Finishing angles placed for a perfect corner. These are just some of the interior finishing jobs our specialists can do for you.

Embellishing a room is an art!

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First, if necessary, you'll need to remove the old floral wallpaper that your grandparents installed in the 1970s. Next, make sure your walls are perfectly smooth by repairing any cracks, filling any holes and levelling the ceiling. Finally, once the first coat of primer has been applied to your walls, all you have to do is embellish your room with the colour(s) of your choice. This tedious job will be carried out masterfully by a qualified Ajusto interior finishing specialist.

And so much more...

Can't find what you're looking for? Tell us what you need done. There's a good chance we'll have the pro you need to carry out your interior finishing work. And as a small photo often says more than many words, don't hesitate to illustrate your request.

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Interior finishing: rely on Ajusto

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Interior finishing is essential to the decoration and design of your home. Whether it's for your walls, ceilings, floors or joinery, there are a multitude of coatings and finishes to bring your home to life. You can choose from paints, wallpapers, wall coverings, panelling, tiles or even parquet for your floors. Depending on your needs, you can opt for insulating wall and ceiling coverings to improve your acoustic and thermal comfort.

When renovating your interior, it's important to prepare the surfaces to be treated properly. To do this, you can use different types of plaster, such as smoothing plaster for walls, ceiling plaster for ceilings and plasterboard joints for partitions. These plasters allow you to hide irregularities and imperfections before applying paint or wallcovering. You can also opt for decorative coatings for an original, personalised visual effect.

To ensure that your paint holds well, we recommend applying an undercoat before applying the finishing paint. This makes it easier for the paint to adhere and gives a more even finish. You can also choose between different types of paint for your renovation work: acrylic paint, satin paint, matt paint and special paint for damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Acrylic paints are particularly popular for their ease of application, quick drying and resistance to knocks and scratches.

Finally, if you don't feel up to doing the interior finishing work yourself, you can call in an Ajusto Pro, who specialises in interior finishing. They'll be able to advise you on the coatings and colours best suited to your interior, and carry out the work for you at a competitive price. Whether it's for DIY, structural work or interior decoration, don't hesitate to ask for an estimate for your interior finishing work.

Interior finishing: choosing the right paint

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Interior finishing is crucial to ensuring that your home looks good for years to come. To achieve this, it's essential to choose the right type of paint, taking into account the specific features of each room. For example, a moisture-resistant wall paint is ideal for wet rooms, while an insulating paint with high hiding power is better suited to attics and interior walls.

To renovate your interiors, it's important to prepare the surfaces properly. This often involves sanding woodwork, filling cracks with a filler and applying a layer of insulation to walls and false ceilings. A good choice of paint, such as glycerine-based or water-based, makes application easier and guarantees a long-lasting result.

The choice of colours is also essential for creating a cosy, harmonious atmosphere. Matt and satin paints are available in a wide range of shades, allowing you to visually enlarge the space and add a decorative touch to your interior.

To apply the paint, use a roller and brushes suited to the surface to be painted. A single-coat paint with good coverage can reduce drying time and make painting easier. Don't forget to protect your floors with a tarpaulin and mask any areas that shouldn't be painted to ensure a neat result.

Finally, don't hesitate to call in a specialist painting company for expert advice and quality workmanship.

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