Do you need to hire a locksmith to deal with a problem at home? It's important to choose a qualified and experienced professional to ensure a quick and efficient response. A competent locksmith will be able to solve your locksmith problems, whether it's opening a slammed door or changing a lock. Don't hesitate to contact a qualified Ajusto locksmith now to solve your doors problems with complete peace of mind.

What can our locksmith do for you?

€159: locksmith day rate (including travel - from 8am to 6pm)

€219: locksmith evening + weekend rate (including travel - from 6pm and at weekends)

At some point in our lives, we've all found ourselves needing to contact a locksmith, either because we've forgotten our keys or because we've lost them. This is one of the many reasons why it's important to have an expert and reliable locksmith. A serious professional locksmith's mission is not only to fit locks and make duplicate keys, but also to carry out the following work:

  • Forgotten keys / Lost keys

  • Broken key in the lock

  • Picked lock

  • Opening doors / slamming doors

  • Installation of latches and plates

  • Change of lock combination

  • Installation of security locks or burglar-proof windows

  • Replacing locks

  • Reinforcing lock security

Don't forget that a good locksmith is always on hand to provide the most appropriate, long-term solutions to ensure the safety of his customers.

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How can I find a reliable locksmith?

A reliable locksmith can make all the difference if you accidentally lock yourself out of your home. Thanks to their tools and skills, they can help you out in no time.

It's important to choose your locksmith carefully. To find someone trustworthy, reliable and extremely competent, call Ajusto. This can help you avoid crooks or unscrupulous people who simply want to take advantage of you. Ajusto will send you a local locksmith you can trust.

A locksmith in emergency

There are many reasons why you may need a locksmith, some of which become real emergencies to be dealt with. Are you locked out of your home with the keys inside? Have you lost your keys, or have they broken off inside the lock? These are just some of the situations that require the emergency intervention of a certified locksmith.

Other locksmith services

A locksmith can also help you choose and install locks for your home. In many cases, they can also help protect your possessions by providing locks for your windows or other access points.

Ajusto's experienced locksmith service includes opening armoured doors that have locked for a variety of reasons, including faulty locks, broken keys or forced opening. In the case of a locked armoured door, it is often necessary to replace the lock to avoid the risk of being locked in or out of the house again.

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locksmith security

Your security depends on a good locksmith

Don't leave the security of your home in the hands of a stranger. Instead, hire a trusted locksmith who has all the necessary skills to carry out the work. When looking for a reliable locksmith, it's important to be well informed in an emergency. The most important thing is to find not only a locksmith who can offer you a comprehensive service, but also a competent professional who offers you a reasonable price for the work he has to do.

A comfortable lifestyle means being able to relax in the knowledge that your home is protected by a security system that suits your space and budget. Burglars tend to look for places where access is easy, where there is no good security system at the door, as this offers them a quick way in. The security of a space relies heavily on locking systems. Depending on the location, security cameras and/or surveillance cameras may be required to monitor people entering the home. Installing a lock or an appropriate system is of paramount importance in ensuring the safety of your home and your loved ones.

On the other hand, minor accidents and inconveniences can happen at any time. All it takes is a gust of wind to lock a door and leave you locked out, or a bent key and a little strength to break it in the lock. Or worse: completely misplacing the only set of keys in the house. These are situations that can put you in danger, especially if it happens late at night.

Professional locksmiths from Ajusto

At Ajusto, we have a unique mission: to ensure your quality of life by providing assistance and advice on all aspects of residential locksmithing. A professional locksmith at Ajusto can advise you on the best possible security system to protect your home from intruders and other risks, including but not limited to normal locks, deadbolts and electronic locks.

We have professional, experienced and reliable locksmiths who will be able to help you in an emergency. We offer a service throughout Belgium, and are able to help with emergencies such as lost keys, locked doors, broken keys in locks, and more. All it takes is a simple visit to our website to get in touch with us and, as soon as possible, you can count on the help of a professional locksmith. Your comfort and security are important to us, so a locksmith who works with Ajusto is selected to offer fast, reliable and effective solutions.

An Ajusto locksmith also specialises in changing and installing new locks on doors, windows, gates and garages. The locksmith is also skilled in lock repairs, extracting broken keys and changing keys. Do you need a locksmith in Brussels, a locksmith in Uccle, a locksmith in Liège, a locksmith in Charleroi, a locksmith in Mons, a locksmith in Namur or elsewhere in Belgium? You can be sure that Ajusto has the locksmith you need near you.

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Locksmith assistance

Need a professional locksmith for emergency repairs? Our locksmith professionals are here to help you in the event of a burglary, a blocked door or any other general locksmith problem. Thanks to our experience, we offer a fast, efficient breakdown service for all types of locks, including multi-point locks and security locks.

Whether you need locksmith repairs, a lock replacement or a lock installation, we are at your disposal to offer you a satisfactory service and meticulous workmanship. We work on all brands of locks, in particular Fichet, and are also approved for the installation and repair of window door locks.

Our emergency repair service includes unlocking doors, opening armoured doors, changing cylinders, replacing barrels and repairing locks damaged by attempted break-ins. In the event of a locked door, our locksmith uses professional picking techniques to quickly open your door without damaging your locking system.

As well as locksmith repairs, we also offer home security services. We offer high-security solutions such as door armouring and multi-point locking. We work with high-quality cylinders and locks to guarantee the highest level of security.

Our Ajusto locksmith provides you with quality work and a faultless breakdown service. You can book online at any time for urgent repairs, lock changes or immediate opening of your front door.

Trust our team of serious and competent professionals to help you in case of panic, loss of keys or emergency situation. We guarantee fast repairs and quality services at a satisfactory price.

Book now to benefit from our locksmith expertise and get help from an experienced locksmith. We commit ourselves to intervening as quickly as possible and to offering you a quality service so that you can quickly regain your peace of mind.

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Testimonials from our users

Lock replacement

I hired a locksmith to change my lock and was impressed by his speed and efficiency. He did everything in no time and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend him!



Door opening

I had a problem with my door and contacted the locksmith. He arrived promptly and fixed the problem in no time. His service was professional and courteous, I would recommend him to anyone.



Door opening

My door was stuck and I called in a locksmith from Ajusto, who arrived quickly to open the door. He was also very friendly and the price was right.



Lock replacement

I was very pleased with the immediate response from an Ajusto locksmith. He arrived quickly, was efficient in solving the problem and also gave advice on how to make my door more secure. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable and professional locksmith.



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